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4 Situations That Require Calling a Certified Chimney Sweep

Chimney sweeps clean chimneys. Sweeps with certifications from the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) have gone that extra mile to earn their place among the very best chimney technicians in the U.S. Chimney safety is nothing to take lightly, so if you ever encounter Masonry damage Have you spotted crumbly dust on your roof around […] Read more

A Few Important Chimney and Fireplace Terms

How well do you know your chimney and fireplace? While the chimney may look like a simple masonry structure, on the inside are many components that work in unison to keep your home and family safe while enjoying the fireplace or heating stove. During an annual chimney inspection, your chimney sweep may point out areas […] Read more

Tips to Make Your Fire Pit Last Longer

A well-made fire pit that’s properly cared for should last for many years and give you lots of enjoyment throughout its life. You can help your fire pit last longer by following these simple tips. Know what your fire pit is made of Common materials used to build fire pits – whether custom-made or store-bought […] Read more

What Technicians Look for During a Chimney Inspection

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and other fire safety experts recommend annual chimney inspections. A yearly inspection is essential for ensuring that your chimney is not only structurally sound, but your fireplace is safe to operate. So, if it’s been more than a year since your last chimney inspection, schedule a service call with […] Read more

Chimney Rebuilding, Restoration & Renovation Solutions

Has your chimney suffered damage over the last winter season? Has damage been ongoing and now you’re worried it may have made your chimney unsafe? Regardless of the level of damage to your chimney’s masonry and structure, there are solutions. The first step is a professional chimney inspection to determine the kind of rebuilding/restoration services […] Read more

Spring Is the Best Time for Chimney Masonry Repairs

After a busy winter burning season, it’s a smart idea to have your chimney and fireplace inspected and start scheduling any repairs that might be needed prior to the next burning season. In cold-weather regions, spring is definitely the best time to arrange for inspections and repairs, particularly when masonry work such as chimney rebuilding […] Read more

The Effects of the Freeze/Thaw Cycle on Your Chimney

When your masonry chimney was initially constructed, it was designed to last decades. However, rain, wind, extreme swings in temperature, and other weather events can accelerate its deterioration, exposing the porous structure to moisture. While age and cold weather are mostly to blame, a lack of routine inspections and maintenance is also a contributing factor. […] Read more

Your Chimney’s Safety Is Too Important to Trust to the Lowest Bidder

When you’re shopping for prices to get some work done to your chimney, your natural inclination may be to choose the company with the lowest price. A low bid on chimney repairs, chimney sweep services, chimney inspections and the like doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get poor service, but it could. Here’s why. Looking closer at […] Read more

5 Ways Winter Weather Can Damage Your Chimney

Winter is a festive time of year where family and friends often gather around a warm and glowing fireplace to spread holiday cheer. However, it is not always a merry and bright time of year for the chimney. In addition to brutally cold temperatures, the chimney also faces the brunt of wind, rain, and snow […] Read more

Is Your Chimney Adding to Your Heating Bill?

If your heating bills are rising even though you are using your fireplace, your chimney may be to blame. That’s because a drafty fireplace and chimney problems can affect its heating efficiency. For starters, a traditional wood-burning fireplace is surprisingly inefficient. As much as 90% of the heat goes up the chimney instead of warming […] Read more