What Are the Best Alternatives to Oil Heating?

Do you have an oil furnace? Are you wondering if you might have to take out a loan to fill it this year? Well, you are not alone. Many folks are concerned about how they are going to heat their homes this coming winter. In this post, we are going to review some of the […] Read more

Chimney Sweeps In Movies: How Do they Compare to Reality?

“Chim chiminey, chim chiminey, chim chim cher-ee…” Can you picture Dick Van Dyke as he sings and dances his way across the rooftops of London exalting the life of the chimney sweep? Disney’s “Mary Poppins” made us want to put on our top hats and start the charmed life of a chimney sweep. Do these […] Read more

Choosing the Proper Firewood For Your Fireplace

Selecting the right wood to burn in your home is important to your overall chimney health. Subtle changes like the woods moisture, how it was stored and more can impact your chimney and also your indoor air quality. To keep these both in check, we recommend using seasoned, dry, locally sourced wood. Check out our […] Read more

Chimney Sweep Frequently Asked Questions

Chimney sweeping is a service that not everyone has experience with. And besides Mary Poppins, not many people even know what happens when a chimney sweep occurs. If you are one of the lucky few New England homeowners who gets to enjoy a roaring fireplace, we have a helpful list of FAQ’s as you look […] Read more

What’s the Difference between Chimney Flues & Dampers?

There’s a lot of terminology surrounding fireplace and chimney systems, and often it’s hard to know the real difference between one component and another. Chimney flues and fireplaces dampers are both involved in drafting and regulating the air that helps fires burn, but there are key differences between the two. Chimney flues Your chimney flue […] Read more

Common Problems with Chimneys in Historic Homes

A chimney that receives regular maintenance should give many years of safe and efficient service. But once a chimney passes into “old age,” i.e., 50 or 75 or more years old, certain problems should be expected. Still, with proper chimney repairs and some alterations, chimneys in historic homes can work as well as their much […] Read more

Top 5 Reasons to Install A Fireplace

Winter is a fun time of year, and many people look forward to ice skating in the park, snow skiing in the mountains, and enjoying their favorite winter beverage. It’s also the time of year when heating bills tend to go up, and many homeowners consider alternative heating solutions like a fireplace to reduce heating […] Read more

Is a Damper and a Flue the Same Thing?

While the chimney may seem like a simple structure, it compromises several integral components explicitly designed to reduce the risk of fire and exposure to dangerous gases, including carbon monoxide. Among the two most essential parts are the chimney damper and flue. Although some homeowners may use the terms interchangeably, they are two distinct chimney […] Read more

Fun Tech-Free Fireplace Activities for the Whole Family

What’s it like to live without cell phones and computers and Facebook and text messages? Here are some ways to find out and maybe have some fun as a family around the fireplace. Play musical instruments Pianos, drums and acoustic guitars are ideal for this activity – nothing electronic. Borrow or rent instruments if you […] Read more

Downdrafts & Smoke Backup Causes

Fireplace/chimney systems are pretty basic until something goes wrong. When you’re experiencing smoke backing up into your home, you may not have a clue why it’s happening. Fortunately, there are only a few possible causes for backdrafts or downdrafts, and most are fairly easy to fix. Drafting basics In order for smoke to flow up […] Read more