Crown Repair & Rebuild

Moisture can be a real blessing to our lawns and gardens, but it’s certainly not good for our chimney systems. That’s why each chimney has a cement slab, known as a chimney crown, at its top. The crown works to block out moisture, debris, and animals by closing off the chimney from the outside. But chimney crowns don’t always effectively do their job. Here are the most common reasons that chimney crowns fail:

chimney crown repair in Henniker NHWater-Damaged Crowns

Even though properly built crowns are designed to be durable and resist damage, rain, snow, sleet, and freezing and thawing temperatures can eventually cause chimney crowns to crack and deteriorate, rendering them ineffective at keeping moisture out. In fact, damaged crowns are often responsible for chimney leaks. As the cracks develop and spread, moisture begins to wick down into the chimney system, where it can do serious damage to the metal or clay flue liner, the damper, and the firebox itself.

Poorly Built Crowns

Even though the chimney crown may seem simple enough, a lot goes into the construction of a quality crown.

  • Thickness – If it’s to withstand the rain and moisture, season after season, the chimney crown should be 2 inches thick at its thinnest point. Anything less than that will deteriorate much more quickly.
  • Shape/Slope – A quality constructed crown should be angled on the top so that water runs off of it, as opposed to settling on its surface. If not properly angled, water can puddle and will eventually wear through the crown.
  • Overhang – We’ve seen many chimney crowns end right at the edge of the masonry chimney stack. This type of design drops water directly down into the masonry chimney stack and onto the flashing, where it can do extensive damage and lead to major leaks. A properly built crown will extend past the masonry chimney stack by at least 2 inches.
  • Material – If you want a chimney crown that lasts, it should be constructed of concrete and reinforcing metal or steel mesh. If constructed of regular mortar, it’s only a matter of time before cracks develop and the crown deteriorates.

Let Us Repair Or Rebuild Your Crown The Right Way!

Was your chimney crown improperly built? Is it cracking and crumbling? Give Black Moose Chimney & Stove a call! We specialize in crown repairs and rebuilds! If your cracks are minor, but the crown is still in great overall condition, we can use a professional product to seal the cracks and prevent them from expanding. If you need an entirely new crown, we can help with that, too! Our masons know what goes into the making of a quality, long-lasting chimney crown, and will leave you with durable, beautiful, effective results. For more information or to request an appointment to have your chimney crown inspected, please call us at (603) 525-7905 or click here! We look forward to working with you!

Let us help you turn your masonry chimney from an eye sore into a beautiful focal point with our chimney rebuilding expertise. You’re going to love the fresh look!