Chimney Inspections In The Amherst NH Area | Level 1, 2 & 3 Certified Chimney Inspectors

Black Moose Chimney & Stove of Antrim, NH, provides certified chimney inspection services in Nashua, NH, Swanzey, NH, Amherst, NH, Henniker, NH, Rindge, NH, Tilton, NH, and other cities and towns throughout south-central New Hampshire.

Chimney inspection in Merrimack NHWhy You Need a Chimney Inspection

Chimneys have two critical functions:

1. To channel dangerous smoke and gases away from the fireplace and into the outside air

2. To protect adjacent combustible materials of the home from intense heat that could lead to a fire

Professional chimney inspections are the best way to ensure that your chimney is working efficiently and is in the proper condition to safeguard your home. The chimney inspectors employed by Black Moose Chimney & Stove are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). In addition, we hold memberships with the National Chimney Sweep Guild and the Northeast Association of Chimney & Hearth Professionals.

Three levels (types) of chimney inspection are sanctioned by the CSIA. Here are brief overviews of each.

Level 1 Chimney Inspection

This is the basic and most common inspection, the type we recommend once a year as part of attentive fireplace and chimney maintenance. Level 1 chimney inspections cover all visible chimney components and the chimney structure itself including:

  • Chimney masonry
  • Chimney cap, flashing and crown
  • Firebox and damper
  • Chimney liner and flue

This thorough inspection is designed to uncover small problems before they become large, expensive repair projects.

Level 2 Chimney Inspection

Sometimes referred to as real estate chimney inspections, level 2 inspections are required when a home is being sold. A level 2 inspection also is performed when a new type of heating appliance is connected to an existing chimney or the appliance is being converted from one fuel type to another. Additionally, if there has been a chimney fire, a level 2 inspection is performed to assess the damage.

These inspections go further than level 1 inspections by using specialized video scanning for the inside of the flue. The visuals we get during a scan tell us about the condition of the chimney liner and interior chimney masonry as well as the level of creosote buildup and other obstructions.

leaky chimney inspection in Milford NHLevel 3 Chimney Inspection

If either of the other inspections turn up signs of significant damage to the chimney system, a level 3 inspection is performed. These inspections often involve removing bricks, the chimney crown or flue pipes in order to determine the exact location and extent of the damage.

Level 3 inspections are extensive but fairly uncommon. They’re almost never required if homeowners maintain an annual schedule of level 1 inspections.

There Is No DIY Chimney Inspection

No matter how familiar you believe you are with your fireplace and chimney, there is no substitute for a certified chimney professional when it comes to inspecting your chimney. Our crew has the tools, equipment, knowledge and hands-on training that is necessary to perform all levels of chimney inspection safely and thoroughly. Chimney inspection is never a job for the novice.

Black Moose Chimney & Stove serves all of south-central New Hampshire including Hillsborough, Cheshire, Merrimack, Sullivan and Western Belknap counties with certified chimney inspection, chimney sweep services and chimney repair. Call us at (603) 525-7905 for outstanding results every time.