Chimney Relining & Chimney Liner Repair In Manchester NH

Is your chimney liner in bad shape? A damaged, deteriorating, or missing chimney liner can be a serious threat to your family’s health and safety, and to the efficiency of your chimney system and appliance. But how can you know if your chimney liner is still in great shape, providing adequate draft, and effectively containing and removing high heat, smoke, and byproducts of combustion from the home?

chimney liner repair in Weare NHThe only real way to know what kind of condition your chimney liner is in is to schedule a video scan and inspection. During a video scan and inspection, we’ll insert a camera into your flue and evaluate the system from top to bottom. We’ll even provide video and digital documentation of your flue! If we find that your flue liner is missing, rusted, crumbling, or riddled with cracks, we can reline or resurface your flue to restore it to proper safety and efficiency.

Relining Done Correctly With Stainless Steel Or HeatShield®!

Here at Black Moose Chimney, we offer two relining options: Stainless Steel and HeatShield®.

Stainless Steel
Modern stainless steel liners are far and away better than conventional tile flues.  They work more efficiently and last much longer (In fact, most come with a lifetime warranty), but they have to be installed correctly to maximize those benefits. An incorrectly installed liner can be less safe and less durable than it should be, and can negatively impact the functionality and efficiency of the entire system. Improper installation can also negate your stainless steel liner’s warranty. If you’re looking for a durable liner that lasts, let Black Moose Chimney install a stainless steel liner! Stainless steel is safe for use with all fuel types and comes in both rigid and flexible forms to accommodate chimneys of all shapes and sizes.

If your clay tile liner is still in relatively good condition, you may opt to simply have it repaired or resurfaced with a cerfractory sealant known as HeatShield®. HeatShield® can restore and strengthen a clay tile liner, so that you can get back to enjoying your chimney system. Click here to learn more about this product and how it works.

Keep Your Family Safer & Warmer – Schedule Your Chimney Relining Today!

If your flue is in need of repair or relining, give Black Moose Chimney a call at (603) 525-7905! We will help you choose a liner type and insulation system that fits your needs and budget, and helps keep your family safe and warm!  We use the best materials available and warranty our work! Call or click here to request your appointment!