What Is HeatShield? – Chimney Liner Repair

Clay tiles have been used to line chimneys for decades. And although they can be very effective and durable, the heat and gases produced by the fire can cause them to crumble and crack over time. When cracks and gaps form in the liner, the liner must be repaired or relined for the safety and efficiency of the entire chimney system.

Is your clay tile liner in disrepair? A relining may not be necessary. The team here at Black Moose Chimney & Stove may be able to repair and restore your chimney liner with a cerfractory material known as HeatShield®.

chimney heat shield repair in Francestown NHThe HeatShield® Process

HeatShield® can be used for 3 different applications:

  1. Repair – If damaged or receding mortar joints in your tile liner are your issue, HeatShield® can be applied to the cracks and gaps to restore the liner. Once we’ve applied the product, we use a foam applicator to smooth over the product and make sure the repairs are airtight. We then video scan the liner to recheck our work.
  2. Resurface – Does your flue have cracks and damage throughout? Our technicians can apply HeatShield® to the liner in its entirety. We’ll apply a primer to prep the flue before using a custom-fitted foam applicator to smooth the product over the surface from top to bottom. Again, we’ll video-scan to make sure we’ve left a seamless, airtight liner.
  3. Reline – If your liner is in need of extensive repair, we may be able to restore it using the HeatShield® sleeve relining system. Just as we do in the HeatShield® resurfacing process, we’ll start by applying a primer coat to the entire flue surface. Next, our foam applicator will smooth a layer of HeatShield® over the entire flue. Once applied, we’ll slip a sleeve down into the flue, followed by another layer of HeatShield®. As always, we’ll video scan the flue to make sure our work was effective.

Is Your Chimney Liner In Need Of Repair?

Let’s face it: most homeowners don’t spend their Friday nights looking up into their chimneys with flashlights. So, how can you know if your chimney liner is in need of repair or relining? The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) encourage homeowners to schedule annual inspections with a professional, certified sweep. During an inspection, we’ll evaluate your flue and let you know if we find signs of damage or deterioration.

To schedule an appointment to have your flue relined or repaired or your chimney inspected, give us a call at (603) 525-7905 or click here. We look forward to serving you. Whatever your chimney relining needs, let our experts in fireplace and chimney services get your system in safe operating condition. Check To See If We Are Hiring