We Do Masonry Repairs!

Chimney waterproofing & Chimney Leak repair in Concord NHAt Black Moose Chimney & Stove, we’ve been servicing appliances in New Hampshire and providing masonry services for years. We’re proud to offer exceptional professional services. However, repairing masonry problems immediately after you discover it is the best way to avoid danger, damage, and unnecessary costs.

Common Masonry Damage

You may think you have a well-constructed chimney, but damage can still occur, especially during the winter months. A small crack or gap in the spring or summer can become a large void and hazard at the end of the winter season. This is due to the freeze/thaw cycle that happens in the winter,  where water fills a small crack or gap, then freezes when temperatures drop. As it freezes, the water expands and breaks apart the masonry. When the chimney warms, the ice thaws and the water moves deeper into the damaged spaces. This process repeats throughout the winter until damage is addressed and repaired.

Spalling is masonry damage to address immediately. When the brick and mortar cracks and crumbles, it can eventually falling out completely if not fixed. Spalling is dangerous because mortar and bricks may fall from the chimney and roof. It can also cause a drop in efficiency, raise fire risk, and lead to winter damage. Another masonry issues is stains. As you use your fireplace more this season, you may notice staining and discoloration on your masonry. This can be caused by the wood you’re burning, the way your system is drafting, and water damage.

Black Moose Masonry Repairs

At Black Moose, we repair masonry year-round. Our technicians are expert masons, and they have lots of experience with all stonework, designs, and structures. Whether the masonry repairs are major or minor, we can get the job done efficiently, beautifully, and in a timely manner. Whether it’s tuckpointing, parging, or crown repairs or rebuilds, we are here to help! For tuckpointing, we remove damaged mortar and replace it with new mortar of equal color, consistency, and strength. Through tuckpointing, we can restore your chimney without changing the appearance at all.

When the smoke chamber becomes corbelled or cracked, the airflow can slow, this drops the efficiency of your system and raises fire risk. A smoke chamber parge can bring your system up to code and help your fire to burn more efficiently. Don’t let a damaged crown ruin your fire this winter. A cracked or damaged crown can allow water to penetrate the system. Our masons can repair a chimney crown, or rebuild it completely. Whether your chimney has serious structural damage or if want to construct a new system completely, we can help.

A general contractor is not able to build a chimney like a certified chimney professional. We only build chimneys according to federal fire codes and chimney and fire science. Call Black Moose at 603-525-7905 for all your masonry needs this winter.