Pellet Appliances Need Inspections–Just Like Wood

Pallet Stove Cleaning in Amherst, NHTis the season for fire appliance inspections. Many homeowners avoid scheduling during the fall due to the fall rush, and oftentimes don’t want to wait until spring. It’s during the winter months that problems may arise and questions of efficiency may come up. This is the time when you might schedule an inspection for your wood-burning appliance, but did you know that pellet appliances need inspections too?

Pellet Appliances

Pellet stoves may have a convenience comparable to gas appliances, but the pellets themselves are not comparable to gas. Pellets are a wood product, a manufacturer from wood byproducts, all organic materials which will still produce creosote and soot when burned. Pellet appliances burn the pellets cleanly which means less soot and creosote. This means less maintenance, but still important for proper care and function. In order to get the most efficiency and the most life out of your pellet appliance, it’s important to maintain the routine services that keep it working well.

Why Inspections are Important

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends annual inspections and routine sweeps for the safest and most efficient chimney systems. This means that your pellet appliance will be at peak safety and efficiency only when inspected and cleaned annually. Luckily for you, inspections usually include a sweep, and a sweep usually includes an inspection. Cleaning away soot and creosote on a regular basis prevents buildup of these corrosive and flammable materials, and inspections ensure the system is sound and in safe working order.

Pellet Heating Stove Installation in Concord, NHDuring a Pellet Appliance Inspection?

Your standard inspection will include a visual inspection of the appliance and flue as well as a thorough inspection of the unit itself. Black Moose pellet stove inspections include:
-A clean and check of the venting system
-A cleaning of appliance, heat exchangers, burn area, blowers, and hopper
-A check of installation, clearances, and connections
-Any other services required by the manufacturer to maintain safety and warranties

If you’re not sure what is required when you start thinking about your pellet appliance service, call a professional now. A Black Moose associate can help you determine what is required for your specific model and active warranties. The good news is that we’re CSIA certified and any manufacturers or home insurance policies will accept our inspection for legal purposes. Our technicians are well-trained, experienced, and knowledgeable in both fire science as well as federal and municipal fire safety codes.

We know fires, and we know pellet appliances. Let us service yours so that we can continue our mission of keeping our customers in New Hampshire safe and warm this winter and every after.

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