Looking for a New Stove This Winter? We Can Help You Decide!

The first thing you’ve noticed this fall is the temperature change. If your fireplace is worn out, the temperature may be dropping indoors as well! When your fireplace has dropped in efficiency and is costing you money in utilities, it’s time to upgrade. When your stove has passed its prime, it is time to look for one with new technology, new design, and new life. At Black Moose Chimney and Stove we have just the stove for you.

A Stove for Every Household

Stoves are versatile, easy to install, and beautiful. You can choose from different fuel types, including wood or pellet. You can choose the size that meets your heating needs, and the design and style that complements your home décor and personality.

Wood Stoves – Homeowners that have access to their own store of firewood may go with a wood stove. Wood stoves are more efficient than ever, and will offer the beautiful and real flames that you long for. Glass windows set in the door allow you to see the fire. They are easy to keep clean, and the stoves are easy to use.
Note: You should only burn properly seasoned wood in your wood stove. Burning wet, or green, wood can bring down the efficiency of your stove and chimney system. Your flue pipe will be exposed to excess creosote, need more frequent cleanings, and produce less heat. If you do not have access to properly seasoned firewood, consider a different stove.

Pellet Stoves – All of the beautiful wood stove styles and sizes are available in pellets as well. Pellets are manufactured from wood waste, so they burn cleanly, efficiently.  They are also environmentally friendly. Pellet stoves burn as hot as wood stoves and are great for whole home or zone heating. In addition, they have the added benefit of a continuous burn since they have a hopper that feeds pellets into the fire based from a thermostat setting. Pellet stoves also have a window and realistic logs to give your stove the traditional look of wood.
Note: You should only burn appropriate pellet products in your pellet stove. It is manufactured, regulated, and tested for pellet use. It will also not be safe if anything else is burned in it. When you choose a pellet stove and have it installed, make it a priority to store up pellets before winter.

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When you choose Black Moose Chimney and Stove for your stove installation, you will get the product that is best for you. We take great care to match our customers with a stove they love and will continue to enjoy for years to come. We sell and install the best models and brands on the market, and we don’t stop there.

You can choose Black Moose for your comprehensive stove and chimney services year-round. Don’t let another day go by in a too-cold house. Enjoy a new stove and beautiful fire this holiday season. Call Black Moose today at 603.525.7905.