From Historical to Modern, We Repair & Restore

Throughout New England, there are historical homes that reach back into the 1800s. New Hampshire is lucky to have many historical homes that have been well-loved and cared for as well as new constructions. Because we strive to offer services to our friends and neighbors in the area, bringing comfort and safety into each home, we offer services for historic and modern homes, no matter the age of the chimney. If you have a chimney system in your home, whether you’ve owned it a year, or fifty years, you can get the best care from Black Moose Chimney & Stove.

Common Problems with Historic Chimneys

Even a chimney that was built well and maintained properly throughout many decades may need to be updated. We commonly diagnose and repair historic chimneys that are not within modern safety codes. If this is the case with your historic chimney you can rest assured that we can repair or rebuild it according to federal and municipal fire safety standards while maintaining the historic integrity of the system. Not worried about the historical aspect of your system? You can upgrade to a more modern system with a full rebuild or install.

Common Masonry Repairs

Whether your chimney is a modern one from recent construction or a historic home from your local registry, we can repair the masonry, bringing it up to code and maintaining the efficiency and safety of the system. We commonly diagnose and repair masonry damage, including spalling masonry, water damage, stains, and crown deterioration. No matter what’s the problem, we can take care of it with our team of experienced masons. Your damaged chimney may need a new crown constructed and fixed atop the chimney. The bricks may be replaced with new mortar through a process called tuckpointing. Your chimney may be beyond repair and require a full chimney rebuild.

From Historical to Modern, We Repair & Restore

Our team of masons at Black Moose Chimney & Stove are CSIA certified chimney sweeps with classroom and field training that is unrivaled in our area. We have extensive knowledge of chimney science and experience with brick and stone chimneys of all sizes and designs. Our team completes CSIA inspections and chimney sweeps year round to offer the best services to our customers in New Hampshire. During these routine appointments, a professional gets a look at the hidden portions of your chimney system. When Black Moose inspects your chimney, any hazards will be detected and reported, along with a repair plan to get your chimney back in safe working order. New homeowners should start with an inspection. Home sellers should schedule an inspection and have repairs done to encourage a sale. If you’re looking to add value and improve the likelihood of a quick sale or trying to remortgage, a rebuild may be just what your home needs.

Call Black Moose Chimney & Stove for your historic or modern repair or rebuild. Your chimney works for you; make sure it works well.

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