Schedule an Early Chimney Sweeping Before the Fall Rush

Chimney Sweep Professionals In Concord, NHThe closer we get to the holiday season, the busier it is for chimney sweeps. During the fall, many homeowners are rushing to get their fireplace ready for winter, making this the busiest time for chimney professionals, especially here in New Hampshire, where evening temperatures hover just above freezing in October. So, if you wait too long to schedule an appointment, the most convenient times may already be booked. Schedule your chimney sweeping early to ensure your fireplace or heating stove will be clean and safe to operate when the first cold snap arrives.

Chimney Sweeping is Essential for Fire Prevention

is essential for reducing the risk of fire and exposure to harmful contaminants. The burning of gas and wood fuels creates several different pollutants, including creosote. Creosote is particularly dangerous because it becomes more flammable as it continues to accumulate in the chimney. The high temperature in the fireplace or a hot ember can spark a chimney fire.

There are more than 20,000 house fires every year, and in the majority of cases, excessive creosote in an unswept chimney is cited as the primary cause by fire safety experts.

Timely Chimney Repairs

Chimney Inspection in Keene, NHDuring an annual chimney inspection or cleaning, the chimney sweep may discover cracked or chipped bricks, a missing chimney cap, or cracks in the chimney crown, flue liner, or other deficiencies that need repair or replacement. These issues tend only to get worse if they are not resolved timely. It can result in water damage that can ultimately affect the chimney’s structural integrity. Scheduling your annual chimney sweep before the fall rush will ensure there is sufficient time for the chimney technician to make any repairs in time for the winter season. Otherwise, your chimney and fireplace or heating stove may not be safe to operate when the cold weather finally arrives.

What to Expect When the Chimney Sweep Arrives

The chimney sweep will arrive in a marked company vehicle and will be identifiable with a clean, professional uniform and photo identification that displays their industry certification. They will also wear personal protective gear, which includes a mask, respirator, and work gloves while cleaning the fireplace and chimney. The technician will cover the floor and furnishings surrounding the fireplace to ensure your living area remains clean. Depending on the degree of creosote in the flue, the chimney sweep may use a chemical treatment to facilitate its removal. The technician will also use a powerful vacuum with a HEPA filter to clean out the soot, dust, and any other particles. Ashes in the ash dump are removed and disposed of too. You may also hear the chimney sweep on the roof, removing obstructions like small animals, nests, leaves, and debris that may be clogging the flue vent. The chimney sweep will clean the work area and provide you with a report before leaving your home.

Beat the fall rush and call Black Moose Chimney to schedule an appointment with a Certified Chimney Sweep® early to book the day and time that is most convenient for you.