Does Your Firebox Need a Rebuild?

The chimney system is an important one in any home, and maybe the largest. This system includes the firebox, smoke chamber, flue, and various smaller parts, and they all have to work together to properly vent the fireplace. Of all the parts of the chimney system, the firebox endures the most abuse and gets the least attention. It houses the hottest temperatures and can be quite dangerous if it doesn’t get cleaned and repaired as needed.

When to Service the Firebox

The firebox should be cleaned at least annually along with the rest of the chimney system. Regular chimney sweeps and annual chimney inspections keep the chimney working safely and efficiently, according to both the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). A professional may find damage to the firebox ranging from staining to spalling that leads to gaps. Gaps in the firebox can allow carbon monoxide and heat to transfer into the home, resulting in a health emergency or even a serious fire hazard. Annual inspections are essential for preventing hazards and repairs should be made before burn season.

Rebuild Vs. Restoration

If your chimney sweep recommends a fireplace rebuild, it’s because of extensive damage and it is more cost effective and safe to rebuild rather than repair or restore. Black Moose Chimney & Stove may recommend a fireplace restoration if there is water damage, brick discoloration, smoke and soot staining, and cracking or crumbling masonry. A restoration will bring up the value of your home–a popular service before a sale or refinance. A restoration may include an upgrade depending on the vision for the fireplace. You can talk with a professional about your options for fireplace restoration when you call Black Moose Chimney & Stove.

A rebuild may be necessary if cracks, holes, and extensive stains are present in the firebox. During a rebuild, a chimney professional can remove the affected masonry and replace it with new mortar. Our technicians are seasoned masons with experience working with stone, brick, and slate, and can fully restore any firebox. It’s important to choose a professional for your fireplace restoration. Only a professional knows the proper materials to use and the codes and guidelines to adhere to. Our technicians use refractory materials appropriate for an efficient and safe firebox and can restore any firebox, even those with intricate designs and more.

If your fireplace needs a rebuild, look no further than New Hampshire’s #1 choice for professional chimney and masonry services. Black Moose Chimney & Stove offers masonry services as well as preventative services like sweeps, inspections, and waterproofing.

Don’t wait. Call Black Moose at 603-525-7905 and your fireplace can be ready in time for the first fire of the season.