Diagnosing Chimney Leaks With A Chimney Inspection

Water damage is a headache for those affected. You’re left with a defective chimney and on top of that bills tend to pile up when damage is left undiagnosed. How can you avoid such financial heartache?

Chimney Leak repair in Sunpee NHA practical key to diagnosing chimney leaks lies in keeping one’s eyes open. Constant vigilance is a trait of protective chimney owners who are successful in keeping watch for water damage. Setting a schedule on a consistent basis empowers chimney owners to dispel any worry about long-term water damage. Being consistent and persistent is a hallmark of those that achieve success. Be a successful chimney owner, be vigilant!

After establishing a weekly or bi-weekly routine to keep active watch on your chimney, you may wonder, “What are the signs of chimney leaks or water damage”? Spotting the signs is as easy as using your senses.

When examining your chimney, look for water stains near it. This usually indicates that water has been absorbed into the porous masonry material your chimney is made out of. Additionally, cracking and rusting areas of your chimney
structure or metal accessories near your fireplace can be clues that water has penetrated your chimney.

Smell is also useful tool in detecting whether something is wrong with your chimney. If you can smell wood rot there may be something amiss. In fact, “when water mixes with creosote in a wood burning chimney system, it will generate a highly disagreeable odor that can permeate a home.”

There are many other diagnosable reasons for chimney leaks, some of these are the most obvious ones. You may have an open chimney that requires a chimney cap, a damaged chimney crown, or chimney flashing in need of replacement. These issues are easy to remedy by getting a quality chimney cap, crown repair, and flashing replacement.

Chimney leak repair & chimney waterproofing in New London NHOnce you have identified a potential source of water damage, it is best to contact and set an appointment with a Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified specialist to confirm whether your worst fears have been realized. Dealing with a chimney issue from its onset reduces the long-term problems you will face from indecision and inaction. Be a successful chimney owner, take action!

Black Moose Chimney & Stove is here to help with your water damage planning, assessment, and recovery. One of our trustworthy products is ChimneySaver, a professional waterproofing product that protects masonry chimneys from the damaging effects of water. ChimneySaver is an essential tool to chimney owners who proactively plan to avoid unnecessary chimney leaks.
To recap: the best way to prevent and treat chimney leaks is to set up a routine schedule by yourself and with a professional technician. By having consistent spot checks, you can detect water leak damage and potential chimney weak spots. To further enhance water protection, you can replace flashing or waterproof your chimney through the application of ChimneySaver.

At the end of the day, the choice to counter water damage is in your hands. Only you can decide whether taking the proper action after spotting a chimney leak is the right move. Be a successful chimney owner, plan today!