Make Sure Your Chimney Relining Is Done Right!

Your chimney liner has an important job to do. Liners are required by municipal codes, manufacturer guidelines, and industry standards because they make fires safer.

The chimney liner’s job is threefold:

  1. Protect from heat transfer through masonry to structural materials in the home.
  2. Prevent toxic gases moving through masonry into the home.
  3. Protect the masonry against corrosive byproducts of the fire.

When your chimney liner is damaged, it can put your family at risk for fire as well as serious health issues!

Signs Your Liner Needs Work

Your chimney liner can become damaged or worn out over time. This can be due to water damage – or it may need to be replaced because of a change in fuel type. If your liner is not appropriate for the fuel you intend to burn, you will need a relining. Typical signs that the flue liner is damaged include:

  • You find pieces of the clay liner in the bottom of your fireplace or in your chimney clean-out area.
  • Your masonry chimney is extremely hot to the touch and warping walls or materials nearby.
  • If a certified chimney sweep reports scratches, holes, or other damage during a routine inspection.

Typical Chimney Relining

At Black Moose Chimney & Stove we offer two options for chimney relining: stainless steel and HeatShield®. Stainless steel liners are the longest lasting, most efficient, and appropriate for all fuel types. That’s why we recommend them over clay tile. Most stainless steel liners come with a lifetime warranty, too. However, the warrant is void if the liner is installed incorrectly. An incorrect installation, D-I-Y, or amateur installation may also result in an insurance issue, in the event of a claim. Your homeowner’s insurance wants a certified professional to reline your chimney, and they want it done right!

Not all tile liners are completely ruined – and not all homeowners want a complete relining. This is then we utilize HeatShield® cerfractory material. When a Black Moose chimney sweep is finished lining your flue with this refractory sealant, it will be restored to full function! There are three ways we can use this product: to repair, resurface, or reline.

A Black Moose chimney sweep can REPAIR using HeatShield® to fill in cracks, gaps, and voids in the existing liner. If the damage is more extensive, we can RESURFACE the lining with the HeatShield® sealant. First with a primer and then with a custom-fitted foam applicator, smoothing the material over the entire surface of the flue liner. Some liners that are badly damaged can even be RELINED using the HeatShield® sleeve relining system. This is when a chimney sweep resurfaces the flue liner, adding a sleeve to the surface, and then another layer of HeatShield®. We’re proud to offer these systems because we stand by this company and their products!

We Can Help!

Are you unsure whether or not your chimney liner needs some work? You can schedule an inspection now by calling Black Moose Chimney & Stove at 603.525.7905 or request an appointment online. Summer is a great time to get your chimney in shape for winter!