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5 Common Signs of Chimney Damage

When a chimney or its components have fallen into disrepair or begin to function inefficiently, there usually are signs that tell you something needs to be addressed. Here are five signs of chimney damage for you to watch for so you can have problems fixed before they become expensive or hazardous. Crumbling/loose bricks When bricks […] Read more

What You Need to Know Before Using Your Fireplace the First Time

If you’ve just had a new fireplace built or installed, or if you’ve just moved into a home with a fireplace already in it, you’re in for some enjoyable times in the years ahead. Make them more enjoyable by following these tips for first-time fireplace use and use from then on. Ensure that the chimney […] Read more

Repair Your Chimney for Winter Warmth & Safety

As southern New Hampshire gets ready for another unpredictable winter with its ice storms and blizzards and sub-zero weather, the fall is a good time to make sure your chimney is ready to perform predictably to get you through the season safely. Here’s a checklist of “must-do’s” for your chimney and fireplace this fall. Visually […] Read more

Crown Repair and Rebuild

Every part of the chimney system has an important job that helps the chimney vent the fireplace properly and last as long as it should. The biggest culprit shortening the lives of chimneys across the country is water. Rainwater, snow, ice, and even humidity in the air can damage the chimney system. According to the […] Read more