Benefits of a Video Scan Chimney Inspection

A chimney system that is well kept ensures that it can provide comfort and be used safely down the line. A problem in the chimney system can result in a devastating house fire, a leak that ruins parts of your home, or wasted utilities year-round. The chimney system is one of the largest systems in the home, and yet, may be the most overlooked. Since most of it is hidden from view, it’s easy to neglect its care — until it causes a problem.

Chimney inspection & video scan in Francestown NHRoutine Maintenance

The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), as well as the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), agree that routine maintenance should be completed in order to have a safe and efficient chimney system. Routine chimney sweeps keep the chimney system working efficiently, clearing away any debris and preventing creosote buildup that can cause a fire and obstruct airflow. Additionally, your chimney is especially effective when completed annually. It may even be required by your homeowner’s insurance. A chimney inspection may be the only time the chimney is seen from top to bottom and assessed by a professional.

Certified Chimney Sweep

When it comes to comprehensive chimney care in New Hampshire, look no further than Black Moose. We’ve been operating in the area since 2009, and quickly became the No. 1 choice for comprehensive chimney care. We strive year after year to improve the safety of chimneys of our customers throughout Hillsborough, Cheshire, Merrimack, and Sullivan counties. We are CSIA certified and are trained and offer CSIA inspections, including video scans of the entire system.

Video Scans, Thorough and Accurate

When Black Moose completes a video scan of your chimney system, the entire unseen portion of the chimney system is inspected thoroughly. Homeowners get an in-depth report for their records, with the CSIA signature that insurance providers, code enforcement officers, and other professionals look for. With the use of video scanning technology, we’re able to identify issues that would otherwise go unnoticed:

  • Crown damage, minor and major cracks, wear, and voids
  • Chimney cap damage, leaks, and animal tampering
  • Chimney liner damage, including cracks, scratches, leaks, and more
  • Spalling masonry
  • Mold, mildew, and water stains that may affect respiratory health
  • Smoke chamber issues
  • Rusted, worn out, and damaged damper

Your annual inspection is important for continued efficiency and safety of your chimney. It also will help save you money in repairs later. They say, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and we believe it. We’ve seen what neglect does to a chimney and a home.

Spring Inspections

Schedule your inspection now, and avoid water damage and animal intrusion this spring. Scheduling now also means you will have time to make necessary repairs before fall arrives. Rest assured knowing that you’ll beat the fall rush and be free to crank up your fire in the fall.

We do video scan inspections year-round, and you can schedule by phone or online. Call 603-525-7905 or request an appointment online today.