Why Install HeatShield?

Your chimney is important to the function of your fireplace. It helps to heat your home through the winter, and it also protects your home from toxic gases. However, your chimney must have a chimney liner to work efficiently. Many older homes have a masonry chimney that usually doesn’t have a proper liner or has an old and damaged tile liner. HeatShield is your solution for your damaged liners.

About HeatShield

Chimney heatsheild repair in Newbury NHHeatShield’s Cerfractory Technology is a product that has been trusted and used by the experts for over 20 years now. It’s a hybrid ceramic/refractory material, so it is durable and strong like ceramic while also being heat resistant like refractory cement. The material, once mixed and applied, has stood up to high temperatures up to 2100 degrees, a steel wire sweep equivalent to 20 annual cleanings, and can withstand extreme strength, acid-resistance, and the freeze/thaw process.

HeatShield comes in a powder form that a certified installer mixes and then applies. It is also easy to install and apply on your chimney right away compared to other repair methods. You can speak with our certified HeatShield installer today when you call Black Moose Chimney & Stove. We are CSIA-certified, and we are proud to install HeatShield to repair, resurface, and reline your chimneys.

HeatShield Repairs

Even a well-constructed and well-maintained chimney can suffer from liner damage over time. The wear-and-tear of regular use as well as damage brought on by storms or because of leaks can cause the need for repairs. When your liner needs repairs, our experts can help with HeatShield. The HeatShield joint repair system involves a special foam applicator. In this process, an applicator blade suspends below the damaged areas in the chimney and pulls upward, depositing the HeatShield sealant into the void, joint, or gap. The finished product is a solid surface, durable and smooth for optimum airflow and improve the efficiency of your fireplace.

HeatShield Resurfacing

Minor repairs can be repaired by HeatShield. However, a resurfacing is a full covering of the sealant and can restore your liner and make it last. It will restore a badly cracked and damaged chimney liner to its full and safe function with less work and money than the relining process. The applicator  suspends at the base of the chimney and pulls upward, covering the entire flue with a “tie coat”, before repeating the process to deposit the sealant on the walls evenly at a ¼ inch thickness.

CeCure Sleeve Relining System

The relining system of CeCure Sleeve is a high-density, low profile, ceramic insulation sleeve reinforced with stainless steel fabric. The CeCure Sleeve is sandwiched between two coats of HeatShield. Once it is dry, this relining system is the equivalent of a stainless steel liner, and it is safe for all fuel types.

HeatShield is the best product on the market for repairing, resurfacing, and relining your chimney. When you schedule our help with HeatShield, your system will be ready for fall in no time. Don’t wait any longer! Call Black Moose at 603-525-7905 or request an appointment online.