Importance of Chimney Liners For Oil Furnaces Boilers

Chimney liners are the unsung heroes of a chimney. They are put to the test every time you set your oil furnace or boiler to warm up the house, especially on a chilly evening. A chimney liner, also known as flue lining, is a clay, ceramic, or metal conduit that protects chimney walls from heat and corrosion. The value that a chimney liner provides is innumerable.

Chimney Liner repair in Goffstown NHWhat Are Chimney Liners?

Here are some of the benefits that chimney liners provide. Chimney liners protect everyday objects and wood woodwork from heat transfer that can set your house ablaze. If defending your home from fire isn’t enough, chimney liners also protect your chimney’s mortar joints from acidic gases that eat away at the structure. Still not a wise buy? Chimney liners help gas and oil furnaces operate at peak optimal performance, preventing the buildup of carbon monoxide from enter your home.

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) tests conducted by the National Bureau for Standards conducted in the 1940s and 1980s found that “unlined chimneys were so unsafe that researchers characterized building without a liner as ‘little less than criminal.’” Now that’s a danger you don’t want to face!

If chimney flues are considered so important, shouldn’t you take the time out of your day to make sure that yours is in working order? That is, if your chimney even has one. Fun fact: chimneys built before the 1940 were most likely not built with liners and thus may pose a safety hazard.

For chimney owners looking for a durable solution to their liner problems, Black Moose Chimney will work with you to install a top of the line stainless steel liner! The material is completely safe for all fuel types and comes in rigid and flexible forms to accommodate chimneys of all shapes and sizes.

While having a chimney liner is half the battle, the other half is making sure that it is in proper working order. After all, what’s the use of one if it doesn’t work? Don’t take the risk, have a CSIA-certified inspector take a look to reline if needed! The only way to know what kind of condition your chimney liner is in is to schedule a video scan and inspection. During a video scan and inspection, Black Moose Chimney will insert a camera into your flue and evaluate the system from top to bottom.

Clay chimney liners may suffer from cracking and splitting due to uneven distribution of heat caused by their ceramic nature. Be aware that they must be repaired before use. If your clay liner is in relatively good condition, you may opt to simply have it repaired or resurfaced with a cerfractory sealant known as HeatShield®. HeatShield® can restore and strengthen a clay tile liner, so that you can get back to enjoying your chimney system.

Avoid chimney decay, toxic fumes, and uneven heating for your oil furnaces and boilers. Addressing concerns surrounding your chimney liner keeps the home fires burning, literally!