Let Us Repair or Rebuild Your Crown!

The chimney crown is as important as the roof of your house. If there is damage to your roof, you will make a fast plan to repair it before damage worsens and other parts of the home are damaged as well. The chimney crown is the roof of your chimney. It protects the chimney opening from the flue pipe to the edge of the chimney, directing water to run off instead of pooling and penetrating the system.

Why Protect Against Water

If water is allowed into your chimney system, whether through an unprotected chimney opening, through the masonry, or another vulnerable portion such as the flashing, it will cause damage to the chimney AND the home. When water enters through the chimney, it often runs through unseen portions of the home such as floors, ceilings, and walls, until it pools at a low point and forms a leak. At this point, you may have a leak many rooms away from the chimney, and assume it’s a plumbing or roof problem. Calling a contractor may fix the water damage, but it won’t fix the cause if it’s from a chimney leak. When you have a home leak and you have a chimney, the cause is almost always the chimney. Call a chimney professional so that your chimney can be assessed and repaired.

Chimney water damage is bad at any time, but during winter it can be devastating. Due to a process called the freeze/thaw cycle, a small amount of masonry damage can allow a small amount of water in, and result in big problems. The water enters cracks or gaps, and then freezes during cold temperatures. When it freezes, the water expands, breaking apart the masonry, and then melts again when the chimney heats up. Once melted, the water moves further into the damaged masonry, repeating the process and resulting in serious masonry damage that is both unsafe and unsightly.

What Black Moose Can Do For You

Black Moose Chimney & Stove offers preventative maintenance and services year round, including chimney crown assessment, repair, and rebuild. Your chimney crown, when made correctly, should be 2 inches in thickness at its thinnest point, it should extend two inches past the chimney’s edge, and should be shaped at a slope to allow water to run off and drop onto the flashing and roof below. The crown should be constructed of concrete with steel or metal mesh reinforcement–not leftover mortar from another job. The problem with hiring amateurs for this job is that they will often cut corners in shape and material. This method may save you money, save them money, but puts your chimney and safety at risk.

When you depend on Black Moose, you get a thorough assessment before a repair, so we may find that a repair is suitable. Many cracks and gaps can be corrected using special products that our technicians apply over the existing crown. This method saves you time and money and ensures your crown is in good shape and your chimney will be ready for fall.

Contact Black Moose Chimney and Stove now so that your chimney can be assessed, including your crown and other parts that protect your chimney from water damage. Call 603-525-7905.