HeatShield Can Repair, Resurface, or Reline

Through the years, you will need repairs for your chimney and fireplace for it to continue working safely and efficiently. You might need a new liner, repairs, or resurfacing. These suggestions might sound scary to a lot of homeowners. However, at Black Moose Chimney & Stove, we try to give our customers the safest and most efficient chimney systems at the best value. That’s why we trust HeatShield for resurfacing, relining, and repairs.


HeatShield is a cerfractory technology that combines the heat resistance of refractory materials with the long-lasting strength of ceramic. It is factory tested and found compliant in performance tests and against high heat. HeatShield lining systems are also as durable and long-lasting as a stainless steel liner, while being a fraction of the cost. Using HeatShield Cerfractory sealant, we can repair joints, resurface a flue completely, or even install a liner system using a CeCure® Sleeve.

Joint and Liner Repair

In order to apply cerfractory sealant into gaps and cracks, we first install a custom-fitted foam applicator blade into the system. This is positioned below the damaged portion of liner. Once we mix the product and place it in the applicator, the foam applicator blade is pulled upward using a winch system at the top of the chimney. While the blade is being pulled upward, it pushes the product into gaps and voids, and the blade smooths it over the surface.


When your chimney flue is badly damaged with cracks and spalling, we may choose to resurface the flue completely with HeatShield. Using the same applicator and winch system, we place the applicator at the bottom of the flue and pull it upward, applying a “tie coat” to clean and prime the surface. Then in the same way, we apply the sealant at a thickness of ¼ inch along the length of the flue.

CeCure® Sleeve Relining

If you’re shopping for a new liner, the cost can add up quickly because metal liners and tile liners are priced by length. Using HeatShield, we can reline your chimney using cerfractory sealant and a CeCure® Sleeve. These products are a high-density, low profile ceramic insulation sleeve reinforced with stainless steel fabric. Then, we measure and lower this sleeve into the chimney, as it’s sandwiched between two layers of HeatShield cerfractory sealant using the custom foam applicator.

The foam applicator not only applies the sealant, but it also presses the sleeve in place before it is covered in another layer of sealant. Once dry, this lining system is as durable and long-lasting as stainless steel. It is also cheaper and safe for all fuel types.

Hire the Professionals at Black Moose Chimney & Stove

We are certified installers of HeatShield, and we periodically restore old clay tile liners with these products. Because it comes in powder form, we can mix it on site to avoid wasting product and money.

Black Moose Chimney & Stove can bring your chimney up to code, back to safety and efficiency by using HeatShield. Call our trained and certified technician about HeatShield today at 603-525-7905 or request an appointment online.