Fun Tech-Free Fireplace Activities for the Whole Family

What’s it like to live without cell phones and computers and Facebook and text messages? Here are some ways to find out and maybe have some fun as a family around the fireplace.

fireplace activities, sunapee, NHPlay musical instruments

Pianos, drums and acoustic guitars are ideal for this activity – nothing electronic. Borrow or rent instruments if you don’t have them. Even if nobody has musical talent, it will be fun to gather around the fire and make a lot of racket and see what you come up with until it’s time to get back to normal with cell phones, computers, Facebook and your text messages.

Homework in front of the fire like Abraham Lincoln

Have your kids lie on the floor in front of the roaring fireplace and do their homework with only the fire as light, the way Abraham Lincoln supposedly did. No calculators or computers. Since the kids won’t be able to see very well or use devices that do the work for them, it will be interesting to learn what kind of grades their teachers give them for their assignments.

Tell fireside ghost stories

These can be scary, but they also can be funny. For example, if Grandma has died (like years ago, not yesterday), make up a story about Grandma haunting the house and saying things like, “Why don’t you kids put away your toys!” and “Where’s my Reader’s Digest!”

Play Trivial Pursuit

This board game challenges players to answer a wide range of questions on a bunch of topics they don’t know that much about. There is potential for learning here, but more potential for fun if you just make up the answers.

Play “Alphabet Search”

The goal of this game is to go through the alphabet, in order, assigning letters to participants one by one. Each participant has to find an object in the room whose name starts with his or her assigned letter. (Might want to keep a printed dictionary handy for spell-checking when disputes arise.)

fireplace activities, nashua NHPlay “Charades”

This is a classic game involving drama and acting, so if you have teenagers, it should be right up their alley. With a lively fireplace fire as the backdrop, one person silently acts out clues to a famous person, movie, song, etc., and the others have to guess. Here is a good overview of ways to play charades.

“If I had $100 million . . .”

Participants tell what they would do if they suddenly came into a $100 million fortune. Make it more challenging by having participants list, in specific order, what they would do. For example: “First, I would hire an attorney,” or “First, I would get a new cell phone,” or “First, I would make it a rule that this family can’t play these stupid games anymore.”

“If I Was President . . .”

This one is kind of timely. Players get two minutes to explain what they would do if they were president of the United States. Make it more realistic by having the other players keep interrupting the one speaking so that by the end of the game, basically nothing gets accomplished.

Of course, most of these are kind of silly ideas, but the principle is important: take some time now and then to drop technology and find things to do as a family. It will pay positive dividends.

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