Seen and Unseen Issues Caused by a Faulty Chimney

You may have already figured out that you have a faulty chimney, based on obvious signs, but there are also unseen issues that can occur. A faulty chimney is not an unusual thing, and that is one reason that fire safety experts recommend scheduling an annual inspection. There are various issues that can occur when a chimney does not operate the way it is supposed to and when deterioration has occurred.

chimney damper, newbury nhA Smoky Fireplace

Something is not right if smoke billows into your home when you use your fireplace. The reason could be as simple as forgetting to open the damper. On the other hand, a smoky fireplace could be a sign of extensive masonry damage. There are a number of potential reasons for a smoky fireplace, and it often requires the help of a chimney sweep expert to determine the cause.

It is important to note that the combustion fumes from a fire in the fireplace are a threat to safety. Among the toxic fumes released by fires is deadly carbon monoxide. It is important to have your smoky fireplace repaired so that you can use your heating appliance without exposing the occupants of your home to toxic fumes.

A Damaged Chimney Liner

The liner of your chimney must be undamaged to ensure home safety. When deterioration occurs in a chimney flue, the risk of a home fire and of exposure to toxic fumes are both increased. A deteriorating chimney liner is difficult to detect without the help of a special camera that professional chimney sweeps use during a Level 2 chimney inspection. The camera provides a thorough look at the entire chimney flue to determine whether repair or replacement is needed.

A Leaky Chimney

Chimneys can leak for a variety of reasons. The result can be damaged interior walls and ceilings as well as masonry bricks that need to be replaced. The worst thing about a leaky chimney is that it is often undetected until extensive damage has occurred.

One of the most common causes of a leaky chimney is faulty chimney flashing. The flashing is installed for the purpose of creating a watertight seal between the roof and the chimney. Unfortunately, flashing is notoriously difficult to install correctly. Leaky flashing leads to a faulty chimney that can cause a roof to rot and many other types of water damage in the home interior.

Leaning chimney, nashua NHA Leaning Chimney

Water has a destructive effect on chimney masonry. Chimney systems are built on the exterior with a specific strategy to keep moisture out. The problem is that various components of the chimney exterior are prone to fail. Whether it is because of a cracked chimney crown, missing mortar, lack of a chimney cap, leaky chimney flashing, or a cracked chimney, the result can be water in the masonry that leads to its gradual deterioration. Annual chimney inspections can help you avoid a leaning chimney.

If a chimney is leaning, a partial or complete chimney rebuild is necessary and the sooner the better. The sheer weight of chimney materials creates a risky situation when the chimney begins to lean. Until repairs are made, there is a real potential that the chimney will collapse.

The qualified chimney sweeps at Black Moose Chimney & Fireplace can fix what is wrong with your faulty chimney. You may not even be aware that something is wrong. Schedule a chimney inspection to find out the condition of your chimney and address any seen and unseen problems that may exist. Give us a call today at (603) 525-7905.