Rev Up with Regular Chimney Cleanings & Inspections

The enjoyment and safety of driving a well-maintained vehicle can be compared to the benefits you get with regular chimney cleaning and inspections. Even though a chimney may not have many moving parts, it is prone to get out of whack when routine maintenance is neglected. Regular chimney cleaning and inspections provide substantial benefits inside and out.

Smooth Operation

Driving a vehicle with an engine that purrs and a steering wheel that glides can be pure pleasure. Likewise, using a warm, cozy fireplace that’s not the least bit smoky is a favorite type of home pleasure. Just as a neglected engine can leave you stranded on the side of the road, a neglected chimney that doesn’t pull combustion gases out of the home makes lighting a fire a no-go.

Creosote build up, swanzey, NJCreosote buildup is a top reason why chimneys become obstructed and no longer operate as they should. Blockage can also occur because of animal nests, leaves, and branches if you don’t have a chimney cap that keeps out critters and debris.

Routine Check-Ups

Chimney inspections are like tune-ups for cars only more important. Fire safety experts all agree that everyone with a chimney should schedule an annual chimney inspection for safety reasons. Many things can go wrong in a chimney, most of which are unseen until the damage has gotten so bad that the cost for chimney repair is significantly higher than the cost of ongoing maintenance.

Chimney cleaning may be needed to get your chimney back in optimal condition. There could be more at stake, however, than diminished enjoyment of your fireplace. If a chimney is clogged with creosote buildup, the highly flammable material could easily ignite and continually feed a hazardous chimney fire.

Routine chimney cleaning is essential to remove creosote, which develops inside chimney flues in three different forms. Only one type of creosote is easy to remove with professional chimney equipment. The other two levels of creosote are more difficult to remove, in increments, as the third level often demands a complete chimney rebuild or a replacement chimney liner to mitigate the associated hazards.

Avoid a Crash

To enjoy an automobile, it is necessary to accept the potential risk of a crash. Somewhat similarly, when you have a chimney, the exterior components are always exposed to harsh outdoor elements. It is quite difficult to keep moisture out of the masonry system. The problem when moisture gets in is that it results in destruction of the masonry as the bricks expand and contract along with water that goes through freezing and thawing cycles in winter.

fireplace inspection, Amhurst NJNeglecting chimney maintenance means taking the risk that your masonry is in a process of deterioration. Without needed repairs, the chimney will begin to lean and ultimately will create a hazardous situation as it crashes into a pile of bricks.

Where to Schedule Chimney Cleaning and Inspections

There is no better place to rev up with chimney cleaning and inspections than Black Moose Chimney & Stove if you live in or around Antrim, NH. Our chimney sweeps are CSIA-certified, which means they have the tools and know-how to ensure optimal operation of your chimney and heating appliance. If you’re ready to schedule chimney maintenance and potentially avoid crash or burn situations, contact the experts at Black Moose Chimney and Stove by calling (603) 525-7905 today.