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Gas, Wood, and Pellet: Choosing the Best Stove for Your Home

More homeowners are considering heating stoves as an affordable home heating solution. New heating stoves on the market today burn cleaner, consume less fuel and are very user-friendly. Plus, their beautiful styling makes them a welcome addition that will enhance the interior décor of any home. But many have discovered that buying a stove is […] Read more

Can a Cold & Rainy Winter Damage My Chimney?

Weather that’s cold and rainy definitely can get the ball rolling toward chimney damage. Also, that kind of weather can significantly worsen any damage that already exists. Water and masonry don’t mix well. As solid as the surface of a chimney is, water will eventually erode it. Rain and melting snow can get into cracks […] Read more

Why Homeowners Should Always Call Professionals for Fireplace and Chimney Problems

With access to so much information on the Internet, many homeowners are doing more DIY projects at home to save money. And the do-it-yourself market is enormous, with more than $400B in retail sales in 2018, according to the HIRI/IHI Markit Forecast. But some projects, like chimney cleaning and repair, are far too dangerous for […] Read more

5 Common Signs of Chimney Damage

When a chimney or its components have fallen into disrepair or begin to function inefficiently, there usually are signs that tell you something needs to be addressed. Here are five signs of chimney damage for you to watch for so you can have problems fixed before they become expensive or hazardous. Crumbling/loose bricks When bricks […] Read more

Why Fireplace Doors are Better than Screens

With smoke billowing out of the chimney on a chilly night, it must be winter. And with shorter periods of daylight, many homeowners are lighting the fireplace to stay warm and cozy in the evening. And to increase the warmth, many choose to keep their fireplaces open with nothing more than a mesh screen to […] Read more

Activities to Enjoy Around the Fireplace During the Holidays

New Hampshire winters can be foreboding, and while the weather outside is frightful, the fire is so delightful – so get the family together and maybe invite a few friends over to enjoy some special holiday activities around the fireplace. Here are ideas to get you started. Read a Christmas story Everybody loves a Christmas […] Read more

Preparing Your Chimney for a Visit from Santa Claus

The chances of an actual Santa Claus visiting your home and sliding down your chimney on Christmas Eve this year are pretty slim. But if you take care of your chimney with the idea that Santa will, in fact, visit, you’ll be doing the exact things necessary to ensure a very safe and high-performing chimney. […] Read more

How to Heat Your Home with Your Fireplace or Stove

Here are a few quick tips on getting the most out of your fireplace, stove or fireplace insert.  Open Masonry Fireplaces Traditional masonry fireplaces bring wonderful ambience to a home, but they’re not high-powered heat producers. If you have one of these fireplaces and want to increase its heat production, you have a few options. […] Read more

Do Chimney-Cleaning Logs Really Work?

The fact that there’s such a product as chimney-cleaning logs tells you that cleaning built-up creosote out of chimneys is an important job. Chimney-cleaning logs are burned like any other logs but have special ingredients that are said to remove creosote. Sounds easy and simple. But do the logs actually work? Look for CSIA-approval Just […] Read more

What You Need to Know Before Using Your Fireplace the First Time

If you’ve just had a new fireplace built or installed, or if you’ve just moved into a home with a fireplace already in it, you’re in for some enjoyable times in the years ahead. Make them more enjoyable by following these tips for first-time fireplace use and use from then on. Ensure that the chimney […] Read more