Chimney Dangers and How to Prevent Them

Falling snowflakes against pillows of smoke billowing out of chimneys are a common sight on cold days and nights while millions of families enjoy the warmth and crackling flames that a fireplace and heating stove brings during the festive winter season. While everything might seem well at first glance, there may be hidden dangers lurking […] Read more

Seen and Unseen Issues Caused by a Faulty Chimney

You may have already figured out that you have a faulty chimney, based on obvious signs, but there are also unseen issues that can occur. A faulty chimney is not an unusual thing, and that is one reason that fire safety experts recommend scheduling an annual inspection. There are various issues that can occur when […] Read more

Get Your Fireplace Ready For The Holiday Season

Thanksgiving and Christmas are holidays to look forward to, and giving priority to fireplace safety can help prevent potential disaster from stifling the joys of the season. Achieving fireplace safety during the busy holidays doesn’t happen without planning. It all begins with a phone call to your trusted chimney sweep. Read on to learn important […] Read more

Rev Up with Regular Chimney Cleanings & Inspections

The enjoyment and safety of driving a well-maintained vehicle can be compared to the benefits you get with regular chimney cleaning and inspections. Even though a chimney may not have many moving parts, it is prone to get out of whack when routine maintenance is neglected. Regular chimney cleaning and inspections provide substantial benefits inside […] Read more

How Chimney Fires Damage Your Chimney

Chimney fires come in all shapes and sizes. Not all of them are catastrophic blazes. Many are small and brief – but even the smallest chimney fire can begin a cycle of damage to your chimney system. Here are some things you’ll want to know about chimney fires. What causes chimney fires? The majority of […] Read more

How to Tell if You Need a New Chimney

Regularly cleaning and maintaining your chimney and making timely repairs will prolong its useful life. However, environmental conditions, age, and normal wear and tear can cause the chimney to deteriorate – even if you are no longer using the fireplace or heating stove. Its deterioration can further escalate when routine chimney inspections, maintenance, or professional […] Read more

A Guide to Smoke Chamber Issues

Between your fireplace and chimney flue is an area called the smoke chamber. Its purpose is to smoothly channel smoke, gases and hot air from the firebox to the flue. Issues with the smoke chamber often go unnoticed, because it’s located in a place that’s hard to get to and impossible to see. Corbelled smoke […] Read more

Don’t Trust Home Safety to Just Any Chimney Sweep

The chimney is designed to protect your home and family when using the fireplace. However, it can eventually become a fire and safety hazard without proper chimney maintenance and care. When hiring a chimney sweep, there is a big difference between someone who says they can sweep chimneys and someone who is a Certified Chimney […] Read more

Facts About Chimney Cracks

The chimney is an impressive structure built to withstand the high temperatures of a roaring fire in the fireplace. It also takes the brunt of Mother Nature all year long, combatting wind, ice, storms, and humid summer conditions. As a result, the chimney will need maintenance and repair from time to time. The appearance of […] Read more

How To Stay Ahead Of Your Fireplace And Chimney Maintenance

While you’re sitting back and warming up to the glow of a burning fire in the fireplace, ash, soot, and other debris is collecting in the chimney. While cleaning is not a chore that everyone likes to do, keeping the fireplace clean in between professional cleanings can minimize health and safety risks. It can also […] Read more