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How Chimney Fires Damage Your Chimney

Chimney fires come in all shapes and sizes. Not all of them are catastrophic blazes. Many are small and brief – but even the smallest chimney fire can begin a cycle of damage to your chimney system. Here are some things you’ll want to know about chimney fires. What causes chimney fires? The majority of […] Read more

How to Tell if You Need a New Chimney

Regularly cleaning and maintaining your chimney and making timely repairs will prolong its useful life. However, environmental conditions, age, and normal wear and tear can cause the chimney to deteriorate – even if you are no longer using the fireplace or heating stove. Its deterioration can further escalate when routine chimney inspections, maintenance, or professional […] Read more

A Guide to Smoke Chamber Issues

Between your fireplace and chimney flue is an area called the smoke chamber. Its purpose is to smoothly channel smoke, gases and hot air from the firebox to the flue. Issues with the smoke chamber often go unnoticed, because it’s located in a place that’s hard to get to and impossible to see. Corbelled smoke […] Read more

Don’t Trust Home Safety to Just Any Chimney Sweep

The chimney is designed to protect your home and family when using the fireplace. However, it can eventually become a fire and safety hazard without proper chimney maintenance and care. When hiring a chimney sweep, there is a big difference between someone who says they can sweep chimneys and someone who is a Certified Chimney […] Read more

Facts About Chimney Cracks

The chimney is an impressive structure built to withstand the high temperatures of a roaring fire in the fireplace. It also takes the brunt of Mother Nature all year long, combatting wind, ice, storms, and humid summer conditions. As a result, the chimney will need maintenance and repair from time to time. The appearance of […] Read more

How To Stay Ahead Of Your Fireplace And Chimney Maintenance

While you’re sitting back and warming up to the glow of a burning fire in the fireplace, ash, soot, and other debris is collecting in the chimney. While cleaning is not a chore that everyone likes to do, keeping the fireplace clean in between professional cleanings can minimize health and safety risks. It can also […] Read more

What Chimney Sweeps Look for During a Chimney Inspection

The term “chimney sweep” is technically given to a professional chimney cleaner. Many chimney sweeps have been trained in other chimney-related tasks including chimney inspections. When inspecting your chimney, the chimney sweep is looking for anything that indicates damage or malfunction in your system. Here are five of the most important areas a chimney inspection […] Read more

Facts About Chimney Cracks

Chimney cracks are problems that should not be ignored, and CSIA-certified chimney technicians have the know-how to provide the facts about the cracks. Black Moose Chimney & Stove, for instance, is the most trusted chimney sweep company in Southern New Hampshire. We will diagnose the cause of the cracks in your chimney and provide needed […] Read more

Why You Should Use a Certified Chimney Inspector when Selling Your Home

A home inspection is a normal part of transferring the ownership of a home from one party to another. Part of a home inspection includes the chimney and fireplace. This is a good idea, because small problems with these structures can lead to big problems down the line. Unfortunately, very few real estate home inspectors […] Read more

How Chimney Flashing Protects Your Home

The flashing that wraps the base of your chimney is probably one of the most inconspicuous components of your chimney system. Yet when flashing is damaged or missing altogether, it can quickly become a very visible and critical issue. Roofs and chimneys are separate structures with a gap between them. While this gap usually isn’t wide, […] Read more