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What’s That Smell?

Some households are plagued by a persistently smelly fireplace. The heavy odor of smoke and creosote hangs in the air on hot, humid days and can really drive some people crazy. Here we will look into common causes of this and what you can do to help the situation. Fireplace odor usually occurs due to […] Read more

Are You Getting Ripped Off?

A very sad reality the chimney industry deals with is the existence of bait-and-switch con artists who are trying to rip you off. They usually show up or call quoting a $40 sweep and end up quoting thousands of dollars after they “find” problems with the customer’s chimney. When they “reline” the chimney to fix […] Read more

Keeping the April Showers Out!

  Water infiltration is a big deal for masonry chimneys. Water can enter masonry and erode mortar joints, decay brickwork, and when it freezes it can split crowns and brickwork apart. Water can also enter through chimneys and flashing and rot and decay the wood structure of your home. Keeping water outside where it belongs […] Read more

Video Scanning – When and Why?

  As much as I would like to promote a new service we offer, I would also like to shed some light on when and why proper video scanning should be performed for those interested. Video scanning involves using a camera unit and usually some sort of digital imaging technology to examine the interior of […] Read more

Shoulder Season

Well, the snow is melting and it looks like New Hampshire might be emerging from the icy grip of winter. Though the temperature outside is warming, many people are not yet finished with their wood heat. These warmer temperatures we experience during the fall and spring (the shoulder season) can present some challenges to we […] Read more

Choosing a New Stove – Cats vs. Non-Cats

With spring approaching and the burning season winding down, some folks are already starting to plan for next year. They’re looking for firewood, making improvements, and searching for a new stove. If you find yourself in this latter category, or are just new to the wood burning world, there are a couple things to keep […] Read more

Pellet Stoves and Their Requirements

Happy belated new year! Pellet stoves are wonderful appliances in my opinion. They’re fairly easy to install and are a great alternative for those who don’t want the work of a wood stove. There are a few things to remember before making the decision to purchase one, however. First, they do require maintenance. Much like […] Read more

Why Insulate your Stainless Liner?

Flexible stainless chimney liners are great! They really are far and away superior products compared to traditional masonry liners and often perform better when properly installed. The cost for a typical liner installation averages to be around the $1,500 mark if professionally done and this can cause many homeowners to try to cut costs. One […] Read more

What’s in a Cord of Wood?

Considering the time of year this may be a very important question to know the answer to right now.  How much is a cord of wood and how do you make sure you get what you’re paying for when buying wood for your wood burning stove? Simply put, a cord is a unit of measure.  […] Read more

Choosing The Best Firewood

Not satisfying one of the most basic requirements of wood heat with your wood stove can lead to countless frustrations during the winter.  It really doesn’t matter what species or type of wood you have available.  The one thing that matters most is whether the wood is dry.  Indeed a lot of performance problems, such […] Read more