Why Have Your Chimney Waterproofed

Water is never good for your chimney system. In fact, water can wreak havoc on your entire chimney system from the inside out. We want to help your system to remain functional and beautiful as long as possible, and that’s why we recommend getting your chimney waterproofed. This is the best preventative measure, and our experts at Black Moose Chimney & Stove is here to help! 

Water is the #1 Chimney Killer

Water and your chimney do not go together, whether it falls indirectly or enters through damaged or exposed parts of the system. It causes rust, deterioration, stains, clogs, weak structure, ruined furniture, drop in safety and efficiency, and more. You may have a leak in another room in the house, and this could be caused from the chimney! This is because water enters through the masonry, but then travels inside walls and floors until it reaches a low point, pools there, to forms a leak. This means your chimney isn’t the only thing at risk. When you leave your chimney open to water damage, it can also damage the rest of your home too.

Water Worsens Winter Damage

Water enters your system during the warm months can cause odors, mildew, mold, and water damage. Water enters during the cold temperatures can do much more. Freezing temperatures freeze the water. As the weather drops, it causes the water to crack the masonry to freeze and expand. As it expands, it breaks apart the masonry. When it thaws again, it moves further into the damaged masonry. As this process repeats itself throughout the winter, this causes serious damage for the structure of your chimney.

Maintain the Value of Your Home & the Life of Your Chimney

Your chimney system brings value to your home, but if it’s neglected, it will not. As a homeowner, it is important to protect your investments and take care of your property. Preventing water damage year-round saves you money. It helps to keep your home beautiful, useful, and brings warmth and ambiance into your living space.

Your chimney is safest and most efficient when it’s swept regularly and inspected annually. For these routine services, you can count on your chimney getting a thorough check up. A professional can detect problems and damage right away, and they have the solutions to troubleshoot your chimney such as applying a waterproof agent to protect your chimney year around.

Let our Professionals Help!

At Black Moose Chimney & Stove, we depend on ChimneySaver’s Water Repellent to continuously protect your masonry. It is easy to apply, fast drying, vapor-permeable, and doesn’t change the look of your masonry. Do you have a leaky chimney? Call Black Moose now and let us take care of your chimney! Our chimney sweeps are certified, experienced, call us at 603-525-7905 to schedule an appointment now before the fall rush.