What is Flashing? Why Does it Need Repairs?

All of the parts of the chimney system are important for chimney safety and function. Many of the parts work together to vent smoke, heat, and particles out of the chimney while others actually prevent stuff from getting in. While the air must leave the house through the flue, there are factors that can slow the process. If water penetrates the chimney system, for instance, the efficiency will drop and the risk of fire goes up.

Water Damage

If water is allowed into the system, you can expect all kinds of trouble. Water can leave stains on the masonry, both the interior and exterior, damages the liner and other assemblies in the system, and can cause leaks in other areas in the house. If you have a leak–any leak, anywhere–it is most likely a chimney problem. Don’t call a general contractor. Your first call should be to a certified chimney professional. When you call Black Moose, we will check the chimney for leaks, and the first thing we check will be the flashing. The flashing is the most common cause of chimney leaks.


Flashing is made up of multiple thin metal sheets, installed in a specific way to help water to run off and prevent water from penetrating. The flashing should be installed by a professional who is trained and experienced. When installed correctly, it should follow the slope and material of the roof, no nails should be visible, and it shouldn’t need any sealant or repellent either.

When Flashing Needs Attention

You will need flashing repairs if the flashing has been damaged by wind or if nails are exposed. When nails are exposed, water has a way in. A good time to call the professionals is if shingles have been falling from the roof or if there is a suspected leak. Additionally, if your flashing wasn’t installed by a professional, call and schedule a repair right away. Only the certified professionals are able to properly assess and install flashing on all roof types, to withstand all climates, and make lasting preventive measures.

Prevent damage later by scheduling now. The worst thing that can happen to a chimney system–even a well-built one–is water damage. Ensure your fireplace and chimney system is ready for winter and safe from water damage by scheduling chimney services now. Preparation now can prevent property loss, health problems, injury, and even death this winter.

Black Moose Chimney and Stove offers chimney inspections, sweeps, flashing repairs, and even waterproofing for added protection. Scheduling now will mean there is time for your appointment and your possible repair before winter.

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