Chimney Restoration & Chimney Rebuilding

It is almost fall, and your mind may be on school fundraisers and upcoming holidays. Don’t forget about your fireplace while you’re making plans for the cold season. It may be that you don’t care about your fireplace as long as it helps to heat your house. Your fireplace can be so much more! Let Black Moose Chimney and Stove restore it , and you can have a new and improved hearth in time for burn season.

Chimney rebuilding in New Boston NHNew Chimney Installations

Even a poorly-maintained or dangerous fireplace can be restored with a new installation. A nice stove or insert can transform an old fireplace and bypass an old chimney with a new prefabricated chimney or liner. You can have the hearth of your dreams when you start the process with a professional. Only a professional can properly measure your existing firebox and then install a correctly sized flue to match.

Masonry Repair Work

Our trained and experienced masons are able to restore masonry regardless of age, design, or material. Our masonry technicians work with brick, stone, granite, and more–paying attention to code compliance, safety, and beauty. We never outsource work, but use our own expert technicians who work to the highest standard of safety. At Black Moose, we specialize in restoring masonry that’s been affected by water damage, soot, smoke, and staining, as well as cracking, crumbling, and falling brick, stone, and slate. If the problem is with the firebox itself, we can fix that too.

Chimney Repairs

Whether the problem is with a faulty part, a leak, or general masonry damage, we can repair your chimney and restore it to full safe and efficient function. It’s important to schedule now, so that necessary work can be completed before the first burn of the season. Scheduling your restoration now means you can have a beautiful hearth, warm fire, and add value to your home this year–not take away from it. Damage can be costly to repair, but it’s even more expensive to let damage go unrepaired. A damaged chimney in September can take on serious winter damage before spring. Have your chimney system inspected now so that necessary repairs can be scheduled and taken care of before you need a fire this season.

Chimney Facelift

You can upgrade the look of your chimney with a little “tune-up” or facelift. This is a popular idea before a sale, refinance, and before the holidays! Let Black Moose restore your chimney and fireplace, and you’ll have a fabulous backdrop for all your holiday festivities and photo-ops!

Ask a Black Moose chimney sweep about tuckpointing, other masonry repairs, installations, and even waterproofing before winter

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