Protect Against Chimney Leaks & Summer Storms

Many assume winter is the most damaging season towards your chimney, but this is not always the case. Water damage in the summer can sometimes be just as devastating as winter damage. In addition, temperatures don’t have to be low for water to damage more than just your chimney exterior. Once water enters the system, it can cause damage throughout your home!

Chimney waterproofing & Chimney Leak repair in Concord NHCommon Water Damage

We see an increase in calls associated with chimney odors during the spring. This may be the first indication of a problem, but the leak has likely occurred all winter and will continue throughout the summer. Water in the chimney system can cause:

  • Rusted parts, assemblies, doors, hinges, and accessories
  • Deteriorated, rotted, and ruined metal assemblies, structures, and more
  • Collapsed, shifted, and damaged masonry, support, and foundation
  • Clogged, dirty, and stinky chimney system
  • Stained masonry interior and exterior
  • Leaks and water damage throughout the home

Preventing Storm Damage

The best way to prevent damage caused by summer storms is through waterproofing. This means maintaining your chimney system properly by scheduling routine chimney sweeps and annual inspections. At these appointments, a certified chimney professional will assess all parts of the chimney system and check for and record all types of damage. Once a hazard is identified, it may be a simple fix that restores your chimney back to full safety and function. We will make sure that your masonry is in good condition, the flashing is installed and functioning properly, and the cap and crown are keeping water out as well. A healthy chimney should be protected against water damage from spring showers and summer storms. Whether the storm brings hail, high winds, or heavy rain, your chimney will be a-okay when you call Black Moose Chimney and Stove.

You can also schedule waterproofing services that will protect your masonry from water penetration year after year. At Black Moose Chimney and Stove, we treat masonry with ChimneySaver, a vapor-permeable product that repels water while also allowing smoke, gas, and heat to still escape as needed. This industrial product will not change the look of your masonry at all, will not seal in moisture produced by your fire, and also comes with an extended warranty. We recommend waterproofing services after masonry repairs, rebuilds, new constructions, and other extenuating circumstances. We apply ChimneySaver easily in one appointment. It dries in just 1-2 hours and starts to protect your masonry in as little as six hours after applied.

You can protect your chimney from summer storms when you make it a priority. Don’t leave yourself open to damage, costs, and danger. Act now, and prepare your chimney for the summer!

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