Taking care of water leaks from melting snow

Did you know that one of the most harmful environmental hazards to your chimney is melting snow? Temperatures rise as spring arrives, causing snow to melt. This seemingly harmless water then threatens to wreak havoc upon on your masonry investment!

Have your chimney inspected before winter

The water from melting snow ruins chimneys worldwide because it leaks and seeps into cracks, biting away at mortar joints every day. According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), masonry chimneys are “adversely affected by direct contact with water or water penetration.” The longer that the water remains within the chimney, the more susceptible the chimney is to deterioration. Trapped moisture expands, resulting in cracks that cause harm in the long-term, rusting metals and destroying the mortar that bonds chimneys together.

Recognizing water-leak damage signs

You may be asking yourself, “I know the danger now, but what can I do about it?” The first step is recognizing the signs of a water leak! Take a hard look at your chimney and check to see if it has one of the following: 1) rust in your firebox or sides of the chimney, 2) pooling water in a concentrated area, 3) water-damaged walls or ceilings near your chimney, or 4) vegetation in or around your chimney.

The preventive step in confronting any water issue is acknowledging it through inspection. If you suspect or aren’t sure whether there may be a problem, it is best that you request a CSIA-certified professional to inspect your chimney. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Having Professional Protection from water-leak damage

If your chimney has not been affected by any water leaks, then consider yourself lucky. In the meantime, why take the risk of leaving your chimney vulnerable to nature? ChimneySaver, a professional waterproofing product, has the ability to protect your masonry investment from the damaging effects of water. By having it professionally applied, you can take the next step in water leak damage prevention.

Addressing Leak Repair Necessities

Sometimes chimney owners find that water leak damage wasn’t caught in time and it has affected their prized possession. These events happen from time to time but can be addressed in calm fashion by the chimney owner and a professional chimney technician. Services offered to repair damaged chimneys include flashing repair and masonry waterproofing. Flashing are metal sheets that are layered to cover space between roof and chimneys, water can sometimes leak in-between, causing water damage. Flashing may be improperly installed or damaged by nature; a technician can always repair or install new flashing. Masonry waterproofing protects mortar from water absorption, which slowly chips away at your chimney system, if left undefended.

Addressing Water-Leak Damage Saves Money

It’s never fun to find out that your chimney has a water-leaking issue caused by melting snow or rain torrents. But trust us, it’s worth taking time out of your schedule to address these issues before costs snowball. Addressing water-leak damage can help your bottom line, don’t delay, beat the water to the punch today!