Take Care of Your Tuckpointing and Masonry Work Before Fall

If you’ve already had your chimney inspected, you should have a report and possibly a repair recommendation. If so, it’s best to get repairs scheduled and completed now. A damaged chimney will always lead to more damage, unless it’s corrected. Minor cracks and deterioration now can lead to serious water damage later, cracked mortar can become spalling masonry in a few short months, and these things are a hazard.

Avoid the Fall Rush

At Black Moose Chimney & Stove, we recommend spring and summer inspections and chimney sweeps, so that our customers can rest assured that their chimneys are safe and ready for fall. An early inspection also allows adequate time to schedule work and have it completed before the fall. The time between October and January is considered the fall rush because chimney sweep companies and independent professionals are busy during this time. It can be difficult to get a desired appointment time, can be impossible to get the technician, or even the company that you want. If you wait until the fall rush, you may be left in the cold while you wait for a needed repair.

Masonry Repairs Year-Round

Black Moose Chimney & Stove is New Hampshire’s #1 choice for comprehensive chimney care. That means we offer a full menu of chimney services, and we offer them year-round. Our certified chimney sweeps are also masonry experts, and our masonry services include:

  • Tuckpointing
    The process of removing spalling mortar and bricks, and replacing them with new. The chimney sweep must match the new mortar with the old in strength, color, and consistency. This process can be time-consuming and must be meticulously completed in order to strengthen, and not weaken the masonry.
  • Smoke Chamber Parge
    The system of smoothing the surfaces of the smoke chamber. Learn about the smoke chamber and the importance of a smooth surface for airflow.
  • Crown Repair and Rebuild
    Repairing or replacing a crown keeps water out of the chimney system. A crown repair can be as simple as adding a sealant to the crown, or as involved as recasting a crown to replace a badly damaged one.
  • Chimney Rebuilds
    In the event that a chimney is too badly damaged, an expert may recommend a rebuild. This process can allow for individuality and upgrades. If you’re looking at a rebuild, start planning now! Browse our gallery and products to choose the design and appliance that best suits you.
  • Fireplace Restoration and Firebox Rebuilds
    Upgrades, restorations, and rebuilds can take time, and should be considered before the start. A Black Moose chimney expert can begin this journey with you, helping you choose designs, stones, size, and more.

No matter where you’re starting in the process, you need to start now. Talk to an expert about masonry work, schedule an appointment now, and we can help you get services completed before fall!