Why You Should Consider Heating With Renewable Wood Energy

People have been using wood to heat their domiciles ever since . . . well, ever since people started heating their domiciles. Today, we still heat with wood, although the way we do it is a little more advanced (and safe) than it was many centuries ago.

If you’re thinking about adding a new fireplace, fireplace insert or stove to your home, consider some of the benefits and facts about heating with wood.

wood-stove repair in Amherst, NH Wood is a renewable energy source

As long as trees grow, wood will be available to heat our homes. We can plant new trees and replenish forests without having to construct air-polluting power plants, as is the case with some other types of fuel.

There’s something about the ambience of burning wood

On a cold winter’s night, it’s hard to beat a roaring wood fire in the fireplace around which to gather with friends and family. Wood fires, with their stunning, unmatched visuals, are definite mood-setters.

Wood is economically sensible

While the price of natural gas and other fuels tend to be erratic (and quite high), the cost of firewood tends to move along with the economy in general.



You’re not going to pay one price for a cord of firewood one day and then watch the price shoot through the roof the next day because of the decision of some offshore conglomerate.

Customize your fires with the right wood

Unlike with any other heating fuel, wood lets you customize your fires. For example, softwoods like hickory, fir, spruce, pine and redwood are perfect when you want a quick blaze for a shorter time span. Whereas hardwoods like oak, elm, ash, beech and maple will produce long fires with intense heat.

Distinct aromas

Each type of wood produces its own distinct aroma. Hickory, for instance, delivers a classic aroma that reminds one of fresh-baked ham. Hardwood oak has an aroma that’s unique and nostalgic and a little milder and less sweet than hickory. Cedar firewood attributes its pleasant and unmistakable aroma to its abundance of natural oils that help to protect it from pests and insects in the forest.

Positive for the local economy

If you source your firewood locally, you’re helping the small business owners who chop, haul and sell the wood. This benefit of firewood is especially important to folks who live in wooded areas and see the value of nature all around them.

Wood is considered “environmentally friendly”

Wood Burning Stove install in Keene, NHMany scientists refer to wood as a “carbon-neutral” fuel because burning wood adds no more carbon to the atmosphere than wood that rots and decays in a forest, without being used for anything.

Power outage? No problem.

When the power goes out, utilities can shut down. If you’re using wood for your heating fuel, you’ll never get shut down.

Modern ways to use wood as a fuel

In today’s world, we have a variety of ways to enjoy wood fires, for example:

  • Zero-clearance wood-burning fireplaces: Ultra-insulated, high-performing
  • Wood-burning heating stoves: Elegant designs and lots of heat
  • Wood-burning fireplace inserts: Transform your masonry fireplace for efficient heating


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