Are All the Parts of Your Fireplace Working Like They Should?

A fireplace is not just a pretty element of home decor. Your chimney and fireplace have a job, and may actually be the hardest workers in your home. The entire time there is a fire in your fireplace, your chimney works to vent the harmful heat and vapors out of the house. There are many parts that work together to make the fireplace and chimney work safely and efficiently. However, if any part stops working it can affect the whole system. Unfortunately, the average homeowner may not notice there is a problem until its too late!

Signs Your Chimney Isn’t Working Properly

  • fireplace repair in Concord NHA smoky fire.
    Is your fire often releasing smoke into your living space? This may be due to your fireplace and chimney not working together anymore to vent the byproducts correctly.
  • A difficult fire.
    If it has suddenly become difficult to start a fire, you probably have a venting issue. Your fire needs oxygen to ignite. So, if air isn’t circulating it will be more difficult to light a fire.
  • Excessive residue.
    Does your fireplace has excessive ash and soot left in the firebox after burning? Then your fire isn’t burning efficiently enough to burn the fuel completely. This can
    be helped by burning only properly seasoned wood in the fireplace.

100 Reasons Your Fireplace Doesn’t Work

The most common reason for a fireplace to suddenly stop working correctly is the damper. If you have a faulty damper it may not close or open completely. Either position can cause issues. A damper that is persistently open can cause the fire to grow too large. This causes the heat to rise up the chimney instead of heating the home. If the damper is left closed, it can be difficult to light the fire initially.

Other causes for the chimney not working correctly include:

  • The type of fuel burned.
  • A damaged or dirty chimney.
  • A host of draft issues.

Fireplace repair experts in Weare NHCall The Professionals

The best way to find out if your chimney is working incorrectly is to call in the professionals. The average homeowner won’t notice anything until damage is caused. However, a certified chimney sweep knows just what to look for. They know just how to fix it, and have extensive training in chimney and fire science.

Visit the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) online to learn more about how your chimney really works. You should educate yourself about your chimney system. In addition, always choose a certified chimney sweep company that is willing to educate homeowners on chimney safety!

At Black Moose Chimney and Stove, we are CSIA certified. Plus, we share CSIA’s mission to educate homeowners while keeping them safe and warm. You can find out more about the Black Moose difference by calling or requesting an appointment online. Our technicians are available throughout the holiday season and the New Year to take service calls. We will also answer your questions over the phone, just call 603-525-7905.