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Fireplace repair & Chimney repair service in Merrimack NH

Black Moose Chimney & Stove offers certified chimney sweep, chimney repair and chimney inspection services in Merrimack, NH, and other south-central New Hampshire communities including Salem, NH, Derry, NH, Londonderry, NH, Litchfield, NH, Bedford, NH, and Sandown, NH.

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Certified Chimney Sweep

Annual chimney sweep services are recommended by virtually every fire-safety organization in the U.S. Why? Because when wood burns, a flammable substance called creosote forms and adheres to the liner or chimney walls. The more creosote, the more chance for a potentially dangerous chimney fire. Chimney cleaning also takes care of obstructions like falling debris from trees and small-animal nests that can hamper drafting and send smoke and toxins back into the home. Our chimney sweeps are certified through the Chimney Safety Institute of America.


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Merrimack, NH, Chimney Inspections

A thorough chimney inspection is the best way to spot early signs of damage or deterioration within the chimney system and get it fixed before it becomes a costly problem. We perform all levels of inspection:

Level 1: Basic inspection covering visible components and the chimney structure

Level 2: Performed during real estate transactions, when attaching a new appliance to the chimney, or following a chimney fire

Level 3: In cases where significant damage has been uncovered during a previous inspection

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Leaky Chimneys

Chimneys can leak for a variety of reasons. Have you noticed these leaky chimney signs?

  • Unpleasant odors in the room
  • Dampness on walls close to the chimney
  • Discolored chimney masonry
  • Water on the floor of the firebox

Damage to chimney components or to the chimney itself can allow water into the system, where it will begin a cycle of decay and rotting. If a chimney is obviously leaking, it’s likely in an unsafe operational state. Count on our CSIA-certified technicians to find the source of any leak and get it fixed quickly.

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Chimney Repairs

No chimney should be used when its structure or components need repair. If the chimney in your Merrimack home needs professional service, Black Moose is on call and ready to help. We can assess the condition of and make quick repairs to any part of your chimney including:

  • All chimney liner styles
  • Interior and exterior masonry
  • Chimney caps, chase tops and crowns
  • Chimney flashing
  • Smoke chambers and smoke shelves
  • Throat dampers and top-sealing dampers

Merrimack NH chimney masonry

Chimney Masonry Repair

Damaged masonry should be addressed and fixed as soon as the problem is identified. The point of our chimney masonry repair service is to restore strength to the structure and to prevent water from infiltrating the system and causing major damage. If sections of bricks are falling away, we often can perform a process known as tuckpointing to fill empty sections of masonry with a strong compound that will add strength and life to your chimney. For minor cracking, we can apply a waterproof sealant to block water. Our CSIA-certified masons perform all levels of chimney masonry repair including historic chimney restorations.

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Chimney Rebuilding

For severely damaged chimneys in Merrimack-area homes, we regularly engage in partial or complete chimney rebuilding. If a chimney has started to lean to one side or if large sections of bricks and mortar are crumbling away, the safest solution is a chimney rebuild. Black Moose chimney experts are experienced in working with all sizes and styles of chimneys. Our goal is to bring about a safe operational state and alleviate any worry about the chimney completely falling down.

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Fireplace, Stove & Insert Sales | Wood & Pellet Stove, Wood & Pellet Insert, Wood Fireplace Installations

When you’re ready to add a new fireplace, heating stove or fireplace insert to your home, let our hearth professionals help you determine the perfect model that will meet your heating requirements. We’ll then install your new appliance so that it operates safely and correctly and complies with any local building or zoning regulations. All work is done to result in your ultimate satisfaction and comfort.

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Chimney Remodeling: Raised Hearths, Fireplace Mantels, Custom Surrounds

You can further enhance your hearth area by adding an exciting new tile, brick or stone custom surround. For additional elegant touches, consider a handsome mantel and a raised hearth. With your vision matched with our superior workmanship, you can turn an average room into something truly amazing and welcoming.

Based in Antrim, NH, Black Moose Chimney & Stove serves homeowners in Merrimack, NH, and other New Hampshire communities in Hillsborough, Cheshire, Merrimack, Sullivan and Western Belknap counties.

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