Get Your Chimney Inspected this Spring

Chimney Inspection in Francestown NHSpring time means taking a break from hauling and splitting firewood, but it doesn’t mean forgetting about your chimney. Your chimney has been working so hard to keep you warm throughout the cold months, it’s time to give the attention it deserves by scheduling a cleaning with the professionals at Black Moose Chimney. In fact, spring is the best time to service your chimney. A chimney inspection is critical if you want to avoid some of the following issues.

Potential Animal Intrusion & Water Damage

Your flue is extremely susceptible to animal intrusion, especially if the cap has undergone damage or is missing. Without a cap to prevent intrusions, anything can get on your roof and into your flue. This means anything from critters, birds, and debris of nearby trees could enter your chimney.

We all know April showers bring May flowers, but spring is running a late this year. So there is still time to avoid leaks during the wettest season. A chimney inspection not only ensures your cap, flashing, and crown are all in good shape to avoid water intrusion. A professional will also be able to identify other issues that may lead to a chimney leak, and we can get your chimney fixed right away.

Tidying Up Your Space

If you don’t clean the soot and creosote away from the chimney system, the warm temperatures and rising humidity can create disgusting odors in your fireplace. This could lead to a very stinky house. If you schedule a cleaning now, you will get more time to enjoy your chimney and fireplace when fall arrives. Our professionals have lots of experiences and we can’t wait to help you mark this item off your spring cleaning list.

Inspections Explained

All chimneys are suppose to be inspected every 12 months. If your chimney have not been inspected by a certified chimney sweep in the last 12 months, or your newly purchased home and its chimney have not had one, you should schedule an appointment with us right now. According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), a chimney needs routine sweeps and annual inspections in order to be safe and efficient. That is why we offer CSIA inspections at Black Moose Chimney. We offer 3 different levels of inspections, and we want to help you learn a little more about which level is appropriate for your chimney system.

  • Level 1 – This is the minimum-required inspection. You should schedule it annually if you use your chimney and fireplace regularly. It includes all readily-accessible portions of the chimney system, appliance, and connections.
  • Level 2 – This level is required by our standards when your home is sold or the property is transferred, after a natural disaster, flue fire, or when there is a significant change to the system such as a repair or installation. It includes everything in the level 1 inspection plus a video scan of the chimney interior and exterior.
  • Level 3 – This is the most thorough level. You will want to perform this level when a hazard is identified. It includes everything listed in level 1 and level 2, in addition. it also includes the removal of components to gain access.

When you schedule your chimney inspection this spring, it gives us plenty of time to do necessary repairs, and you chimney and fireplace will be ready for burning season when the time comes. Don’t hesitate to call us and make an appointment today. Call us at 603.525.7905 right now!