What To Do With Your Fireplace In Warm Weather

Just because winter is over doesn’t mean that your fireplace has to look dull and boring. There are many things you can do to enhance this natural focal point and make it the centerpiece of your living space in the summer. Here are five inspiring ideas to decorate your fireplace this summer that will help get your creative juices flowing.

Small Oriental Screen

Summer Decorative Ideas For FireplacesA decorative oriental screen can make your fireplace look more attractive in the summer when you’re not lighting a fire. These small screens are about three feet tall and have decorative canvas prints mounted on bamboo. They are available with many different colors, patterns, and images making it easy to find one that accentuates your home décor.

Flower Garden

An indoor flower garden is a colorful addition to any living space, especially with your fireplace as an impressive backdrop. Displaying flowers in clay pots gives the interior an authentic rustic appearance. There are also decorative planter boxes in different colors, shapes, and sizes that can be arranged for a modern look. Some of the popular indoor flowers include purple orchids, Chrysanthemums, African violets, and Bromeliads, to name a few.



Artwork Display

Decorative Ideas For Fireplaces

Another idea for decorating your fireplace is mounting a prized work of art or a favorite family portrait above your fireplace for everyone to see. You can hang a large piece of canvas art above the mantel or stagger three framed art pieces or photos in different sizes and shapes for an interesting artistic effect. A good rule of thumb is to use the colors in the artwork to complement your living space’s interior colors. You can’t go wrong with black and white images. It’s timeless, classy, and elegant.


Decorative Vases

Arranging two large decorative vases on either side of your fireplace is an elegant way to decorate your living space in the summer. They can stand alone or used in combination with an oriental screen and other decorations like artwork and flowers to create an Instagram friendly living space. Or, add a touch of glamour with a mirror hanging above the mantle. A mirror also creates the illusion of a bigger room, so it’s great for smaller spaces. You can use a traditional rectangular mirror to convey luxury, elegance, or a circular mirror for a more contemporary style.

Mount a TV Over the Fireplace

Mounting a Digital Television over the fireplace creates a centerpiece that brings the room to life in the summer, much like a roaring fire does in the winter. Mount the television about six to twelve inches above the mantle for optimum viewing. You can also connect the TV to your Wifi network and display your favorite images in a colorful slideshow that turns your tv into a digital art frame.