Why Fireplace Doors are Better than Screens

beautiful mesh fireplace screen With smoke billowing out of the chimney on a chilly night, it must be winter. And with shorter periods of daylight, many homeowners are lighting the fireplace to stay warm and cozy in the evening. And to increase the warmth, many choose to keep their fireplaces open with nothing more than a mesh screen to protect them from the flames.

The sounds of crackling wood logs in the fireplace can be comforting, not to mention the aroma. But it also means that hot embers are flying around as oxygen is drawn into the chimney. While a fireplace screen can help keep sparks inside the fireplace, it is still a fire hazard.

Prevents Downdrafts

When using your fireplace, it is essential to watch out for downdrafts. They can be especially dangerous. A downdraft occurs when a sudden wind gust forces a large mass of air straight down the chimney. And with nothing more than a mesh screen separating your living space from the fireplace, it can spread soot and ash all over the place.


More importantly, any hot embers that happen to fly out of the fireplace can hurt anyone sitting nearby. It can also ignite any nearby combustible materials like carpeting or furniture. A tempered glass fireplace door provides additional protection in the event of a downdraft.

Safety Barrier

If you have kids or pets, then fireplace doors are a necessity. Both pets and small children are naturally curious and don’t understand that fire can hurt them. While they are playing, a toy could end up in the fireplace, and they may try to run after it. It only takes a split second for an accident to occur. Even if you are keeping a careful eye on them, you may not be able to react in time. Surprisingly, pets cause more than 1,000 accidental fires every year, according to statistics from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Fireplace doors act as a safety barrier in helping to keep children and pets out of the fireplace. Even when there aren’t any logs burning, the fireplace can still be a dangerous place for kids and pets.

Fireplace insert Glass Doors Increased Heating Efficiency

A traditional fireplace is notoriously inefficient as much of the heated air escapes the chimney. And one of the simplest ways to improve its efficiency is with the installation of glass fireplace doors. They will help to retain more heat in the firebox and radiate throughout the living space.  Your room will stay warmer longer, and you will still have a clear view of the fire.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

An open fireplace allows smoke and carbon monoxide to mix with your indoor air. It can create an unhealthy environment, especially for pets, small children, and those with respiratory problems. Glass fireplace doors will keep smoke and fumes out of your living space, thus improving indoor air quality.

Aesthetically Appealing

Glass fireplace doors are an inexpensive addition that will complement any interior decor. We have a vast selection of glass fireplace doors in a variety of sizes, materials, and styles, including the popular cabinet, bi-fold, and tri-fold styles.