What to Expect After a Chimney Fire

Ok, it’s the middle of summer so this may not be on your mind now, but it’s useful information anyway. Let’s say you hear a strange roaring or chugging sound from your chimney, maybe you can even hear some crackling or popping.  Smoke may fill the house – you are having a chimney fire.  What now?  First and most importantly, get everyone out and call 911!!

Once the fire is out, now what happens with your chimney?  Here is where we can help you.

We will arrive on site as soon as possible to evaluate and confirm your chimney fire often – often free of charge in our service area!  We can help prepare a plan of action to correct the issues then usually including:




  • Cleaning the post fire creosote and soot from the flue
  • Video scanning to confirm damage
  • Removal of the old flue if necessary
  • Installation of an insulated stainless liner
  • Installation of a proper bottom connection and top termination
  • Cleaning up our mess and leaving your home as it was before

Also of note is that most homeowner’s insurance policies will cover chimney fire damage.  We can even help with the process to make things easier and more efficient for you.

Once the chimney is repaired and the paperwork is done for your insurance company you are back in business!

Stay cool out there folks!