Don’t Forget, We Sell Stoves Too!

Despite the rising temperatures outside, now is the time to plan for your winter heat! If you cut and season your own firewood, you are probably already preparing for winter. However, are you considering an upgrade, remodel, or new construction? If so, it is time to look at your options. Stoves are efficient, beautiful, and convenient!

Stoves Raise Efficiency

When you choose a stove, it’s an automatic upgrade from a traditional fireplace. They are more efficient, with less filth left in the chimney system. They also produce less particulate matter that pollutes the atmosphere. Stoves are considered a green option, and can even qualify for a Federal Tax Credit for Biomass Stoves. This monetary benefit is nice, but it’s nothing compared to the ongoing benefit of an efficient heat source.

wood burning stove install in antrim nhStoves are Beautiful

Black Moose Chimney and Stove sells stoves that are beautiful, contemporary, traditional, and more. Stoves can standalone with a simple stovepipe or be installed directly into a traditional masonry chimney. One of our stove experts can fit you with the perfect stove to meet all of your needs. Once you’ve made your choice, our certified chimney sweep will install it to your liking. We can install a stove anywhere, using refractory boards and brick. This creates a beautiful space to match your home’s decor. When you start planning now, you can have a stove installed by fall that rivals the most beautiful hearths and chimneys!

Stoves are Convenient

Stoves are not only efficient, but pellet stoves in particular maintain a consistent temperature, equipped with a hopper that consistently feeds the fire with pellets. The closed unit of a wood stove also maintains heat, keeping coals hot longer, allowing for easy rekindling.

Shop Blaze King and Regency for Your Wood Stove

Black Moose Chimney and Stove only sells the best products. We offer a full line of Blaze King and Regency wood stoves, featuring the most innovative, efficient, and eco-friendly stoves in the industry.

Shop Regency and Hampton for Your Pellet Stove

Black Moose Chimney and Stove sells quality cast-iron pellet stoves that rival the most beautiful, traditional stoves in your mind’s eye, but with the added benefits of using pellets!

Professional Installation

Begin now, and your wood or pellet stove will be ready to burn in fall. Scheduling your consultation today will mean your purchase, installation, and inspection can all take place before the “fall rush”. Avoiding this time between October and January when chimney sweep companies are especially busy with installations, services, and emergency calls. Plus, spending the summer knowing you’re ready for winter is its own added benefit.

When you’re ready to browse products with a certified professional, you can visit us at 365 West Main Street Unit C, Hillsborough, or call 603-525-7905. One of our experts is standing by to help you choose your new stove!