Don’t Burn Santa’s Coat: How to Properly Remove Ashes

Christmas is the most popular time of year for fireplaces across the country—in warm and cold climates. It’s the hearth’s time to shine, providing warmth and ambiance to holiday festivities, and becoming a beautiful backdrop for family photos. The fireplace can bring an element of joy to your Christmas, and it’s also the very entrance of Santa Claus himself! Take care to make sure the chimney and fireplace are ready for the big day and Santa.

Cleaning Ashes from the Fireplace

Fireplace ash removal in Keene NHIf your chimney is like most, it can become filled with ash, wood chips, and dust in no time at all. The best way to remove ashes is to do it when the fire is out. Use gloves and a shovel with a long handle because ashes and coals can stay warm for hours or days after the fire is extinguished. You should put the ashes into an appropriate metal bucket and remove from the house so that they don’t continue to smolder and you don’t breathe in the particles.

Your fireplace may have an ash dump. If this is the case, push the ashes through the door in the firebox and clean up the remaining ashes and dust using a vacuum cleaner. This system is easy for homeowners, and the ash dump can be professionally cleaned as needed.

Cleaning the Chimney

Homeowners often attempt to clean their chimney, but it isn’t recommended. The best use of your time and money is to hire a professional. Here at Black Moose Chimney & Stove, we strive to keep our customers safe and warm—and we do our best for Santa as well. When you schedule a chimney sweep with Black Moose [], your certified chimney sweep will:

  • -Use drop cloths and air filtration to keep everything clean
  • -Clean your flue from top to bottom (For masonry-lined flues, we will video scan your flue after cleaning)
  • -Remove and inspect your stove pipe connector
  • -Clean, service, and check your stove or insert
  • -Take multiple digital pictures to ensure everything is well documented
  • -Provide you with a report at the end of the condition of your chimney

We want our customers and neighbors in New Hampshire to stay safe, through the holidays and all winter long. If you aren’t experienced and with the appropriate tools, you may put your health and your home in danger by attempting to clean your own chimney system. Leave it up to the professionals. We won’t disappoint, and we won’t leave a dirty chimney for Santa’s big day.

Schedule routine services like chimney sweeps and annual inspections to improve the performance of your fireplace. Black Moose offers chimney sweeps, inspections, repairs, and installations year-round. For added safety this holiday season, remember safe fire practices. Call Black Moose for questions or concerns.