Does My Smoke Chamber Need Parging?

From the outside, your chimney may look quite simple, but it’s actually the opposite. The chimney and venting system may be the largest system in your home and can be affected by many different factors ranging from weather to neglect. Your chimney may need service such as a smoke chamber parge for reasons such as construction, maintenance, and performance over time. If you need a smoke chamber parge, there is a good reason, and our customers always see an improvement after this work.

What is a Smoke Chamber?smoke chamber chimney inspection in Henniker NH

The smoke chamber is a space right above the firebox where particles and heat mix to make smoke before rising up the chimney. Without this space, the hot air would rise up the chimney without taking the particles along with it. The smoke chamber includes a shelf above the flue called a smoke shelf. This prevents the smoke from falling back into the fireplace and into the home. The smoke chamber should be constructed in the shape of an inverted funnel, forcing the smoke into the flue. According to fire code, the walls in the smoke chamber should be at a certain slant and parged smooth to promote the best airflow. Luckily, parging corrects a damaged smoke chamber.


Your Smoke Chamber May Need Attention If:

  • The chimney was built incorrectly. If the smoke chamber walls are not at the correct slant, a professional chimney sweep can correct it with a smoke chamber parge. The finished product will be smooth and slanted correctly.
  • The walls are uneven or have corbelled steps. This slows airflow and allows soot and creosote to build up in the uneven spaces. Parging can smooth the surface and return the smoke chamber to full function and efficiency.
  • If you’ve noticed a drop in efficiency. Your smoke chamber may be causing slow airflow which drops efficiency. It can also lead to carbon monoxide exposure.
  • If you haven’t had a chimney inspection in the last twelve months. Only a professional can properly assess the chimney system from top to bottom, noting hazards like corbelled steps and spalling masonry.

What to Expect From a Smoke Chamber Parge

At Black Moose Chimney & Stove, our technicians are experienced and courteous professionals. First, we remove creosote glaze from the smoke chamber and apply an insulating mix to the wall. This seals the cracks, holes, or gaps, smooths the surface, and finally creates an airtight, insulating finished surface.

When you’re ready to schedule your chimney sweep, diagnostic inspection, or masonry services including parging, contact Black Moose today! Call 603-525-7905 or request an appointment online!