Clogged Chimney Caps

Every chimney that is safe and efficient is also protected against water penetration. In New Hampshire, New England winters make it essential to protect against winter damage caused by the water freezing and thawing. An uncapped flue will be exposed to water year-round, leading to costly damage and unsafe conditions. Cap your chimney, and make sure the cap is maintained properly to avoid other problems, including accidental fire.

Dirty Chimney Caps

Your chimney cap should include a top which works as a roof for the chimney. It should keep water, snow, sleet, and debris out of the flue opening. The cap should also be equipped with a durable screen designed to keep animals and other debris out of the flue opening. This screen allows air to pass through in order to vent the fire properly. However, during times of high wind and storms, the screen can get clogged with unwanted debris from outside the system. If this happens, the cap may become too clogged to allow adequate airflow from the chimney. This obstruction can cause a drop in efficiency making the fireplace unsafe to use, difficult to light, and raise the risk of flue fire. After a major storm or windy season, it’s important to check out the chimney cap to make sure it isn’t clogged and dangerous.

Prevention and Treatment

If you have noticed that your chimney cap is clogged with leaves and other debris, it’s time to call a professional. You may be able to clean it easily, but your safety on a high roof should be a concern. Never attempt household maintenance that may put your health at risk. Make sure to call a licensed professional with liability insurance and proper permits to get the job done safely and within code. Only a professional has the adequate tools to go up onto the roof and maintain the chimney exterior, including the cap.

You can prevent your chimney cap from being clogged by having your property maintained on a regular basis. Scheduling chimney sweeps on a routine basis can keep the chimney cap clear of leaves and debris. Having the system inspected annually will also catch any problems before damage or danger occurs.

Trust Chimney Experts

A chimney expert can also help you choose the best chimney cap for your system. The size of the cap and size of the screen can also help prevent clogs. Don’t purchase a chimney cap online and then DIY your installation. Call the professionals who know chimneys, know caps, and know New England weather.

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