What Does a Chimney Inspection Include?

Your Chimney may be built to last. It may do the job, and do it well, but this performance can only last with regular maintenance. Your chimney should be cleaned and inspected regularly, like so many important systems, such as automobiles.

Why an Inspection is Important

Chimney Inspection in Weare NHThe Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) along with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), recommends routine chimney sweeps and annual inspections in order to keep the chimney system safe and efficient. CSIA inspections are the ones you should look for when you buy a home. It’s the inspection that lawyers, realtors, and code enforcement officers will look for. It’s also the one that will keep your chimney working for you, and keep your family and home safe.

CSIA Inspections Explained

Your chimney should be inspected every year. However, not every chimney is used the same way, or withstands the same amount of abuse each year. That is why CSIA has three levels of inspections.

  • Level One – This is the inspection you would schedule if you have used the chimney in the same way for the last year, intend to continue use in the same way, and have no new changes or installations. A level one inspection includes all readily accessible portions of the chimney system, looking for basic soundness of the chimney as well as installations and connections.
  • Level Two – Required before a sale or transfer of property, after a change is made to the system, or after the system has withstood a serious occurrence (earthquake, tornado, etc.) that may have left it damaged. A level two inspection includes everything from a level one, in addition to hidden portions of the system like that in an attic or crawlspace. A level two inspection also includes a video scan of the system.
  • Level Three – A thorough assessment of the entire chimney system, as well as the removal of portions of the house or chimney in order to gain access to suspected hazards. This inspection is necessary if a level one or two inspection identifies a hazard.

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Black Moose Chimney and Stove offers chimney cleaning and inspections year-round. We’re experienced with not only national fire safety standards but also the fire safety codes here in our communities in Northern New Hampshire.

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