Summer Is A Great Time For A Fabulous Chimney Facelift

Now that you’re not using your fireplace and chimney every day, maybe you’ve begun to notice that your chimney isn’t looking all that great. Perhaps it has faded or become stained or has areas of ugly damage. Is there anything you can do to improve the appearance of your always-visible chimney?

There are a variety of ways to give your chimney a facelift this summer and end its days of being an eyesore to you and the whole neighborhood. Here are some ideas.

Chimney Repairs in Laconia, NHRemoving chimney stains

Black stains and white stains are common problems with a lot of chimneys. Black staining usually means soot is exiting the flue, collecting and then running down the bricks when it rains. White staining is caused by salts that are left behind when water evaporates. TSP or another quality cleaner and a scrub brush should quickly remove most chimney stains. However, you need to investigate a little further to find out if more staining down the line can be prevented.

If your chimney has no chimney cap, install one. If your fires are creating excess soot and creosote, try burning drier hardwoods such as maple, hickory, beech or ash. If your chimney flue doesn’t get cleaned regularly, schedule annual chimney sweep services. Finally, white water-staining on masonry could point to a chimney leak that needs to be addressed. Cracks in the masonry are notorious for allowing water to get inside and cause not only exterior staining but also significant structural damage.

Paint the chimney

After you’ve thoroughly cleaned your chimney’s exterior and seen to any needed repairs, you might want to add a coat of paint. A top-quality latex primer and latex exterior paint probably will work fine. There’s no rule that a chimney has to have a traditional reddish color – you can paint yours to match the trim on your house or any other color that grabs you.

Install a fancy chimney cap

Not only do chimney caps protect the chimney, they also can be a cool aesthetic statement. Full-width custom chimney caps are available in many sizes, colors and designs. They’re like a little roof for your chimney and a pleasant finishing touch on the overall style of your home.

Build around the chimney

Chimney Masonry Repair in Concord, NHIf bricks simply aren’t exciting to you, build an encasement around your chimney. Materials commonly used for this project include wood, stucco and stone. Unless you’re good with this kind of work, you should enlist the services of a remodeling contractor or handyman to make sure the job turns out just the way you want it.

Chimney masonry repair

Before undertaking a summer chimney facelift project, it’s a good idea to see to any brick work that needs doing. Start by scheduling a professional chimney inspection with a certified technician who understands your chimney system inside and out and can spot early signs of damage before it gets out of control

Have identified repair work completed. Then, when you get started with your refurbishing work, you’ll know that your chimney is in top shape and won’t end up undoing all the work you’ve done. Black Moose Chimney & Stove of Antrim, NH, is on call year-round to help with chimney masonry repair, brick work, tuckpointing, waterproofing and other services to keep your chimney in top shape.

We also offer CSIA-certified chimney sweeping and professional chimney inspections. Call (603) 525-7905 with questions or to schedule an appointment before you begin your chimney facelift project.

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John RantaJohn Ranta
17:01 22 Mar 24
They arrived on time, worked quickly and showed me the results. Prfessional throughout. jr
william greenwilliam green
23:21 14 Mar 24
Really helped me out can't say enough good things highly recommend!!!! The young man that came to my home was very knowledgeable and friendly great attitude all around answered all my questions and left me stress free best of all left no mess.🤙🏻🤙🏻
Michael Dell'OrtoMichael Dell'Orto
18:39 14 Mar 24
Jaime ConleyJaime Conley
17:13 14 Mar 24
Sarah GilliattSarah Gilliatt
01:46 13 Mar 24
A very thorough and careful job done! Thank you.
Larry CookLarry Cook
15:11 07 Mar 24
I wanted to give 5 stars but they are very busy which meant I had a good wait for both the inspection/cleaning, then for a quote on repairs and then for the repairs. Their prices seemed a little high to me but I have nothing to compare with as they were highly recommended by someone I trust and other companies had plenty of negatives reviews which kept me from getting additional quotes. I am happy with the work and they promptly returned to fix a mistake that had been made. Chris the inspector, Jennifer in the office, and Alex and his repair crew were all pleasant and took the time to answer all of my questions. Alex and his crew even took their shoes off (it was winter) before entering my house without even being asked! So if you are not in a rush and want to ensure you chimney is as safe as possible then I think you'll be happy with Black Moose.
Rebecca DeFuscoRebecca DeFusco
22:35 21 Feb 24
After a recent sweep of our chimney, it was discovered that our flue tiles were cracked. Black Moose techs were hard working, detail oriented and professional! Nice jobs guys! See you next year for my cleaning!
Karen CKaren C
14:52 14 Feb 24
Excellent I highly recommend Black Moose Chimney and Stove; Kelly and Liam are awesome, they did a great job. Extremely professional, arrived early, went through everything with a fine tooth comb ensuring pellet stove was thoroughly cleaned. They also were respectful of my home, conscientious and cleaned up after themselves. Made sure stove worked prior to leaving and told me to call promptly if anything came up afterward. Will definitely use them again.
Denise ClarkDenise Clark
16:32 31 Jan 24
We've had Black Moose clean our chimney for a number of years.But recently, we had an emergency situation at our home involving our chimney & oil furnace flue, which was caked full of soot from a malfunctioning furnace. They came & cleaned out both flues in no time, even going up on the roof with snow on it! They cleaned up after their work in the interior rooms where the oil furnace and the woodstove are located. Great work. Reasonable prices. Very nice people. You can't go wrong with Black Moose.
Joe GJoe G
18:30 24 Jan 24
Goods: The technicians know their business, very efficient in cleaning/inspection along with cleaning up after the 'dirty work'.Others: Communications could be more effective. Despite early coordination about scope of work (multiple flues within same chimney) the estimate provided did not reflect this and the final invoice was significantly more than the estimate provided.Quote for follow-on chimney relining was significantly more than that offered by other companies in the area (and far more than neighbors experienced for similar work accomplished by other companies)