Chimney Flashing Repair

Flashing is made of sheets of metal strategically placed around the chimney where it meets the roof. These sheets of metal work together to keep water from entering the house at the intersection of the roof and chimney. Unfortunately, leaky flashing is a common problem, and the most likely cause of leaks associated with your chimney.

chimney flashing repair in Keene NHBefore you begin using a fireplace in your home, make sure you know the signs to diagnose a chimney leak. This alone will save you time, money, and a huge headache, because water damage is the biggest threat to your chimney system. It lowers efficiency, raises fire risk, and can deteriorate the entire system from within. It can all be avoided with some preventative measures like flashing repair.

Tell if the Flashing Needs Repairs

First, if you’re experiencing a leak, you should call a professional and you may need flashing repair. Since flashing is made of sheets of metal that naturally deteriorate over time, it’s important to monitor and maintain it in order to prevent leaking. Signs to look for when checking your chimney flashing can include:

  1.  Rust in and around the flashing
  2.  Loose or missing sheets
  3.  Signs of water damage in and around the chimney
  4.  Pooled water, ice, or snow around the chimney/roof intersection

When to Call a Professional

If your chimney is leaking or if your flashing needs repaired or replaced, you should call a professional right away. D-I-Y may be good for home decor, but when your family’s safety is at stake, you don’t want to cut corners! A CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® (CCS) can thoroughly assess your chimney and flashing, make a repair plan, and provide professional, timely service. Burning season is fast-approaching and with it the fall rush. Call a professional and avoid any future issues with your flashing. Oftentimes you might experience problems with the flashing because of poor installation & cost-cutting.

chimney flashing repair service in Henniker NHA Black Moose chimney sweep is experienced and trained in flashing installation. Each layer is strategically placed and should be free of debris, dents, and rivets. Our technicians are sure to provide a proper installation with the best materials. Some technicians cut costs by using aluminum. At Black Moose we recommend stainless steel sheets in order to prolong the life and effectiveness of the flashing. It also cuts down on rust and damage.

If you notice signs of damage to your flashing, or if you have recently had your roof replaced by a general contractor or roofer, The flashing is often lifted, shifted, or damaged during roof repairs. If the flashing is not effective, it can cause problems with the new roof.

Avoid the headache, and call Black Moose today at 603.525.7905. Schedule an appointment with a licensed and insured professional you can trust.