Chimney Flashing And Why It’s Important

One of the chimney’s first defenses against water damage is the flashing. Made up of thin sheets of metal, the flashing serves as a barrier. It keeps water, snow, and ice from penetrating the chimney system!

Chimney Flashing installation in Newbury NHFlashing Installation

Flashing should be installed at the base of the chimney, where it meets the roof. This is actually the most vulnerable spot of the entire chimney system. Not to mention, the first place a professional will check for a leak. Flashing can leak if it isn’t installed by a certified professional who is experienced and knowledgeable. The placement of each sheet of metal is specific and should leave no nails visible. Additionally, it should stay firm against the wind, weather, and animal tampering.

A certified chimney sweep will install the flashing specifically based on the slant of the roof and the roofing material. The most common problem with flashing is that it was installed incorrectly. Any homeowner can purchase a roll of flashing from a local home improvement store. However, this doesn’t mean they should install it! Hiring a professional to install flashing is the best thing for your chimney, your home, and your safety.

The Problem With Faulty Flashing

Water is the worst thing that can happen to your chimney. If water is allowed to penetrate through the flashing, it can cause malfunction and a drop in chimney safety and efficiency. It can cause leaks and water damage in other parts of the house, as the water travels through flooring and walls. Water causes rusted and damaged parts, stained, weakened, and ruined walls and floors. It can even cause mold and bacteria that lead to respiratory distress. When it comes to your chimney, keeping water out is the best thing you can do!

Chimney flashing repair in Sunapee NHDamaged Flashing

If the flashing is leaking, you should hire a certified professional to repair it. A certified chimney sweep should remove the improperly installed or damaged flashing, and then put down new flashing. Covering the existing flashing with tar, sealant, or more flashing is an improper repair!

When you hire Black Moose for your flashing repairs, we won’t just put a band-aid on the problem. Black Moose Chimney & Stove will get your flashing and your chimney back in working order, as well as repair any damage caused by the leak.

Chimney Leak Prevention

What’s the best way to prevent a chimney leak? Scheduling regular preventative maintenance, including chimney sweeps and inspections. During your annual chimney inspection, your certified chimney sweep will note things of alarm such as bent, shifted, or missing flashing. When a problem is identified and dealt with at an annual inspection, it can be corrected before damage occurs. The average homeowner won’t notice a leak, until it has caused extensive damage behind the scenes. Unfortunately, they won’t notice damaged or missing flashing unless it falls into the yard!

When it comes to your chimney, be proactive. Schedule routine maintenance with the best chimney sweep company in New Hampshire, and we’ll handle all of your comprehensive chimney care! Call Black Moose today at 603-525-7905.