Why a Chimney Crown Rebuild is Important

Because the chimney is constructed of a combination of masonry and metal materials, water can cause extensive damage ranging from rusted parts, stained and damaged walls and ceilings, damaged and shifting chimney, and more. It is the goal of chimney sweeps and homeowners to keep water out of the chimney! Aside from the monetary damage associated with a leaky chimney, it can also raise fire risk and lower efficiency.

Why a Chimney Crown Rebuild Is So Important Image - Hillsborough NH - Black Moose Chimney The Chimney Crown and What it Does

The chimney crown is a piece of concrete that lays across the top of the chimney opening. It reaches from the flue on all sides and extends to hang 2 inches over the edge of the chimney. They are slanted to allow water to flow away from the flue and onto the roof, and usually sit 2 inches under the flue opening. The chimney crown keeps water out of the chimney, both inside the flue, and out.

Your Chimney Crown

If you are new to your home or simply need to schedule your annual chimney inspection your chimney sweep should report on the condition of your chimney crown. The problems we often find with chimney crowns are because of regular wear and tear and because of poor construction and installation. The chimney crown should be constructed and installed by a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® (CCS). Only a professional knows the materials required for the best results as well as the thickness, the shape, slope, and overhang. All these factors can make or break your chimney crown.

When You Need a Rebuild

When your chimney crown has minor damage, cracks and dips can be repaired with a simple sealant that fills the holes and covers the cracks. If your chimney crown is damaged beyond a simple repair, you probably need a complete crown rebuild. Our masons are experienced and trained to construct a chimney crown that will work for your family for years to come. When built properly they are durable, long-lasting, and will continue to keep water from penetrating your chimney.

Call a Professional

You should schedule preventative maintenance for your chimney system. This includes regular chimney sweeps and annual chimney inspections. These appointments are the only time that a professional will see your chimney, so it is vital that you call a professional to have it done. A Black Moose chimney sweep will thoroughly assess the chimney crown, especially if you have a concern about leaking. It’s important to note that you should never hesitate to schedule an appointment if you suspect a leak. The cost is too high to take that chance.

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