Efficient Pellet Stoves – Pellet Stove Installs & Repairs

Spring may be the best time to shop for a new heat appliance. This is especially true if you scheduled your chimney sweep and inspection this spring in preparation for summer. You have time to make necessary repairs before you install a new product. In addition, you can rest assured that your chimney is in good shape and ready for an installation. There are many types of stoves and appliances to choose from. The pellet stove has the best of both worlds: pellets burn with the intensity of wood heat but are efficient like many gas-burning products.

Pellet stove repair in New London NHWhat are Pellets?

Pellets are manufactured from wood byproducts, a green solution for the waste left behind at saw mills. Pellets burn cleanly because they are made up of organic materials. This raises the efficiency, leaving less soot and creosote, and resulting in a safer burn. The only downside to pellets is that you can’t make them yourself so you have to buy them. You can find them at home improvement stores as well as online. Also, if you stock up, you shouldn’t have a problem having them when you need them.

Why Choose a Pellet Stove?

  1. Pellet stoves are efficient. They burn cleanly and hot enough to keep the smoke and gases moving up the chimney.
  2. Pellet stoves have consistent heat output. It utilizes a hopper that holds and distributes the pellets steadily, creating a consistent temperature even when the homeowner is asleep or not at home.
  3. Pellet stoves are eco-friendly. Pellet stoves burn recycled products which benefits the environment in more way than one. Because the pellet stove burns so cleanly, it also releases less toxins into the atmosphere.
  4. Pellet stoves are cost effective. Pellets are inexpensive despite being manufactured and sold. The stoves themselves are priced competitively with similar products, and definitely win out when compared by performance.
  5. Pellet stoves are versatile. Black Moose Chimney and Stove sells and installs pellet products that are standalone stoves. These can be installed anywhere, as well as inserts which are installed in an existing fireplace.

When you choose a pellet stove, you should first decide where you want your appliance. If you choose a standalone stove you can have it installed anywhere with just a stove pipe extending through the roof. Your chimney expert can even install the pellet stove into a corner by using refractory wall coverings. These can be beautiful and match your home decor perfectly. If you decide to use an existing fireplace or chimney for your pellet appliance you need to make sure it’s in safe working order. A CSIA chimney inspection will assess your entire chimney system and insure that your chimney is safe to use with your pellet stove.

To learn more about pellet stoves and how they work. You can also contact a Black Moose fireplace and stove expert by calling 603-525-7905 or requesting an appointment online.