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Can a Cold & Rainy Winter Damage My Chimney?

Weather that’s cold and rainy definitely can get the ball rolling toward chimney damage. Also, that kind of weather can significantly worsen any damage that already exists. Water and masonry don’t mix well. As solid as the surface of a chimney is, water will eventually erode it. Rain and melting snow can get into cracks […] Read more

Know Your Chimney System

Just to look at it, you wouldn’t think a chimney is all that complicated. It’s just a brick-housed channel for smoke to go up, right? Well, partially right. The fact is, a chimney system contains many parts and components that must work properly to prevent water and other types of damage including fires. Here are […] Read more

What Do Inspectors Find During Routine Chimney Inspections?

The ideal chimney inspection turns up no problems, and the chimney inspector gives it a complete bill of health. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Many things can happen to a chimney over time, especially one that’s used regularly. Here are some chimney issues inspectors often uncover during routine chimney inspections. Leaky chimney Chimney leaks […] Read more

Repair Your Chimney for Winter Warmth & Safety

As southern New Hampshire gets ready for another unpredictable winter with its ice storms and blizzards and sub-zero weather, the fall is a good time to make sure your chimney is ready to perform predictably to get you through the season safely. Here’s a checklist of “must-do’s” for your chimney and fireplace this fall. Visually […] Read more

Why Does My Chimney Have White Stains?

White staining, or efflorescence, is caused when excess moisture within the chimney structure seeps through the bricks and evaporates on their outer surfaces. The white discoloration is caused by naturally occurring salts that have been washed out of the bricks. You may read that description and say, “Okay, that explains that.” But it actually only […] Read more

How to Operate Your Chimney Properly

Even if you’ve had a fireplace for many years, it’s never too soon to remind yourself and your family of the best fireplace practices to maintain the highest level of safety and efficiency of your chimneys system. Fuel The only thing that should burn in your fireplace is the fuel for which it’s designed. In […] Read more